Webcam: Titan arum, the biggest flower in the world

Update 16 May 2014: the huge titan arum has now finished blooming in our Rainforest Biome. The photo below shows it at its height. We hope to be exhibiting further examples of this fascinating plant in the future. Read our plant profile of the titan arum.

Titan arum giant flower

Titan arum facts

  • Growing to over 3 metres high, this is one of the largest flowers in the world. The current world record for the largest grown in cultivation is held by Winnipesaukee Orchids in Gilford, New Hampshire, USA: their specimen grew to a whopping 3.1 metres.
  • It is also one of the smelliest, and its stink of rotting flesh has led it to be called the ‘corpse flower’.
  • The titan arum rarely flowers, is incredibly difficult to cultivate and takes six years to grow. 'Tropical' Tim Grigg who works at our nursery has become highly skilled at cultivating them - he has now helped nine to come into flower!
  • It has the largest tuber (underground stem) of any plant. You can see a photo of the impressive 120kg tuber from which our tallest titan arum emerged on our Blog.
  • The titan arum is native to rainforests of Western Sumatra in Indonesia, and is therefore endangered as its habitat is under threat from deforestation.
  • Find out more on our titan arum plant profile page.

What happened in previous years

The one shown above is the ninth titan arum to bloom at the Eden Project.

In early June 2011, two titan arums bloomed in our Rainforest Biome. The first was Britain's biggest flower at a height of 2.91 metres, and the second bloomed at a height of 2.82 metres! These flowers feature in the video on this page.