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Guided tours

The Eden Project's Biomes are brought to life by our team of Explainers and Tale Makers every day, and we offer a variety of guided tours and self-led trails to help you uncover the incredible stories of our plants and gardens. 


Explainer and Tale Maker presenting a talk in the Rainforest Biome

Free daily walkabout tours

Most days, our knowledgeable team of Explainers and Tale Makers offer engaging introductory guided tours of our Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes. 

These talks last about 40 minutes, and take you on a short walk through the first section of our Biomes introducing you to the stories of some of our extraordinary plants. These tours are wheelchair accessible and an excellent way to kickstart your journey through our gardens. At the end of the tour, our Explainers will leave you to explore the rest of the Biome at your own pace. 

When you arrive, just check our 'What's on' information boards to find out when these tours are happening and where to meet. 

These tours take place on most days at various times, but cannot be pre-booked. 

Pukka Herbs signage in Rainforest

Free Pukka herbal tea tasting and talks

Discover the incredible stories of spices that grow in our Rainforest Biome and are used to flavour delicious Pukka tea blends. From learning about their health benefits and ethical practices, to unbelievable historic stories of spices, there's a lot of hidden tales in these familiar flavours. 

These relaxing tea tasting sessions and talks are free and happen most days in the Bamboo House, which is located near the exit of the Rainforest Biome. When you arrive, just check our 'What's on' information boards to find out when these talks are happening.

These talks take place most days at various times, and cannot be pre-booked. 

People walking across a wobbly bridge in the Eden Project Rainforest Biome

Rainforest Immersive Experience: Spice Edition

From £57 per adult (up-to eight people per tour)

Enhance your visit to Eden with a 2¼ hour VIP tour experience, led by one of our experienced Explainers. This immersive tour includes an introduction to Eden's history, and a deep-dive into the plants and workings of our Rainforest Biome. You'll also get the chance to learn about our Spice Garden, and the power of spices, finishing the experience by creating your own blend of chai to brew and enjoy in our beautiful Bamboo House.

This interactive guided tour is designed for up-to eight people, offering you the chance to really get to know your Guide and ask lots of questions.

These tours are only available on selected days, must be pre-booked at least 24 hours in advance, and are not suitable for children under the age of 11. 

Family in the Rainforest Biome pointing

Eden guide book

Pick up a guide book for £6 when you arrive in the ticketing hall to enhance your visit. The guide offers an in-depth narrative of all the key areas of our gardens and Biomes, plus maps to help you navigate. You will also discover how Eden was built, about our charity projects and how we are growing a global movement working with nature to respond to the planetary emergency.

We also have a kids' guide book filled with astounding facts, stories, trails and lots of puzzles aimed at 7–11 year-olds, which costs £5.

Eve Sculpture in Autumn

A free guide to Eden's art collection

The Eden Project is home to a huge collection of artworks, from a diverse range of both grass-root and world-renowned national and international artists. This online, self-led trail will take you on a journey across Eden’s 30-acre site, discovering some of our breathtaking collection nestled in amongst nature throughout the Outdoor Gardens, Biomes, and Outer Estate. 

This free trail can be done from your phone, and takes 1½ – 2 hours to complete.  

Aerial shot of Eden from above

Free virtual tour

Experience a taste of the Eden Project right now from wherever you are in the world.

Enjoy unseen perspectives from 360° videos in the Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes and explore aerial views and 360° photos around our global gardens. Discover fascinating facts, exhibits and stories, and find out more about our mission and growing movement. 

Children in Rainforest playing with water

Tours for school trips

£7.95 per pupil

If you are a teacher visiting with your school, why not let us take over for the day? Our experienced Education Team offer a range of interactive, curriculum-linked school workshops for all ages which make full use of our Biomes and gardens. 

School trips to the Eden Project offer an unforgettable learning experience away from the classroom.