Eden's giant Nutcracker

What's the giant Nutcracker all about?

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Top 10 things to see

  1. The giant nutcracker: wind its handle to learn about energy and processing
  2. Seed, a 70-tonne granite sculpture seated in the building's inner sanctum
  3. The Core Cafe a superfoods cafe open in the summer, with a terrace view of the Biomes
  4. The 'Making of Eden' film, that explains just how we built this place
  5. The solar roof panels - spot these from the first-floor courtyard
  6. Huge ducts outside that collect rainwater from the roof
  7. The Spiral Garden, planted behind the Core to stimulate all your senses
  8. Our Plant Engine, showing all the cool things leaves do for us
  9. The slide, a secret entrance for kids
  10. Soft play area for under-5s.

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