Day to day we are largely unaware of the processes going on all around us that help provide the air we breathe, our food and clean water, the biodiversity that supports us, a cyclic waste disposal system and global climate regulation.

Our invisible life-support system

Invisible Worlds will reveal the environments, processes and invisible lifeforms that support our health and control our destiny. We will explore the massive Earth systems with their interconnected environments, driven in large part by microbes.

An overview of the interconnected systems will be supported by stories that reveal:

  • Microbes, compounds and processes that keep us all alive
  • Our interconnection with the natural world and our impact on it
  • New scientific discoveries, trends and applications for planetary and human health

Why are we doing this?

The health of the global population and the planet are inextricably linked. If the environment is threatened so are we. Understanding and appreciating our relationship and interconnectedness with the environment can transform the way we view our world and how we interact with it. To date most of the links and processes have been invisible – time to bring them into sight.

Everything is interconnected: we are part of it, affect it and are affected by it.


Invisible Worlds is supported by the Wellcome Trust, the Wolfson Foundation and the Sackler Foundation