Dieffenbachia is one of the easiest indoor houseplants to grow.

This tropical shrub shows off lush leaves that are in shades of cream, yellow or white, making dieffenbachia ideal for brightening dim corners indoors.

Dieffenbachia likes a relatively warm, humid spot with plenty of light but will tolerate low-light spots, as well.

If the leaves develop brown tips or edges, the air may be too dry. Remedy this by relocating your dieffenbachia to a well-lit bathroom (or other humid spot), grouping it with other houseplants (which release moisture into the air as they breathe), or you could place on a pebble-filled tray of water.

Dieffenbachia plants like regular watering, but they don't ever want the soil to be wet or soggy for extended periods.

More indoor plants die from over watering than under watering every year, it's best to keep dieffenbachia on the dry side if you're in doubt about whether to water it. 

CAUTION: Dieffenbachia may be poisonous. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Native to: New World tropics rainforests of Mexico to Argentina and the West Indies.

Eventual height: 1m

Eventual width: upright habit

Hardiness: tender

Sun: well-lit but not direct sun

Soil: moist but well drained soil

Flower: none

Leaf: green, cream, yellow or white

Pot size: 12cm


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