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Rainforest Walkway in the Rainforest Biome

Eden's Mission

The Eden Project is growing a global movement working with nature to respond to the planetary emergency.


As a growing movement of global citizens, we aim to get things done in three main ways:

  • We respect the natural world and demonstrate that people are part of ‒ not apart from ‒ nature
  • We protect wild places and enable them to thrive
  • We repair damaged spaces that need to be fixed

Over twenty years ago, we took a disused clay pit in Cornwall and transformed it into a beacon of hope that has been visited by millions. We continue to engineer moments of change by transforming negatives into positives. And we’re now scaling up our response to the planetary emergency by developing new Eden Project destinations, as well as wild site environmental and social regeneration projects around the world, to benefit both the land and those who live on it. Healthy planet, healthy people.


Eden co-founder Sir Tim Smit on our mission

Tim's quote

Sir Tim Smit

“ In the beginning the idea was very simple – let’s take a place of utter dereliction and create life in it ”

Eden Project Biomes panorama

Our mission explained

Find out how we bring to life our mission through horticulture exhibits, arts and culture programmes, community initiatives and education work. 

Bodelva china clay pit

Our origins

Twenty years ago, Eden Cornwall was a sterile clay pit; today it is a living landscape full of life. See where we've come from, how we've grown, and where we're going next.

Bee on cornflower with ox eye daisies

Our projects

Our growing range of projects, from local to global, aim to transform place and lives, stimulating, educating and empowering. 

Horticulturalist Colin Skelly in the Eden Project's Mediterranean Biome

The people behind Eden

Meet some of the people who make Eden what it is, from gardeners to volunteers to artists. We're all united by a passion to build relationships between people and the natural world for the benefit of all living things.

Family gardening

Make a pledge to the planet

Small changes can make a big difference if taken up by enough people. Pick your pledge and feel inspired to make a positive change for the planet.