Rainforest Canopy Walkway

It's time to take to the trees in the largest rainforest in captivity. Go on an extraordinary adventure on our canopy walkway: enjoy spectacular views across our Biome and learn why rainforests are so important.

Family on Rainforest Aerial Walkway

The Rainforest Canopy Walkway takes you on a new journey among the treetops of our Rainforest Biome - the biggest conservatory on Earth! Along the way you'll learn how rainforests help keep you alive wherever you live. We want the Walkway to inspire you, as it has us, to work to save these precious areas of our planet. 

Visiting the Walkway

  • Price: admission to the Walkway is included in the normal admission price to Eden. You can get 15% off if you book your tickets in advance online.
  • Opening times: the Walkway is open to the public every day during normal Eden opening hours
  • Accessibility: the whole Walkway is accessible to wheelchairs and buggies. We have worked with the Sensory Trust to make sure the experience is great for all ages and abilities.

Exhibits on the Canopy Walkway

A range of fascinating, and beautiful, exhibits along the walkway will show you why rainforests are so special.

Baka Camp

Delve into the secrets of the forest and discover ways of looking after it for all our sakes. At our camp, you'll explore the way of life of the Baka indigenous people who live in the West African rainforests of Cameroon, the Congo basin and Gabon.

  • See the shelters they build and hear the music they make using plants found in their sacred forests.
  • Find out about the food they've hunted and gathered for thousands of years.
  • Understand how their way of life, superb listening skills, deep forest knowledge and the forest itself are now under threat.  

Find out more about the Baka people on the Baka website.

Canopy Camp

Explore the IKOS pod - an aerial laboratory and campsite where canopy scientists explore life at a different level. Here you'll learn how rainforests keep you alive wherever you live on Earth by:

  • keeping you fed, clothed and healthy
  • producing weather that keeps you cool and watered 
  • inspiring human technology that you use every day, including a wide range of materials and architecture.

Nest Platform

High above the ground, visit the Nest platform and take in the stunning range of life in the rainforest. Explore how plants eat, drink, reproduce and protect themselves from danger without moving. In 'nature's design studio' see how forms are produced that fit their function, from protective prickles to pollination mechanisms and from guttered leaves to garish flowers. 

  • Look up: see nature’s ‘fit for function’ designs portrayed in our beautiful Biodiversity Chandelier.
  • Look around: see these ‘fit for function’ designs in all the plants that make up the lush environment of our rainforest.

Future plans for the Walkway

We have now completed phase one of the Walkway (detailed above). We are currently fundraising for the next phases, including the Weather Station Walkway where we intend to make weather and explore climate. Find out how you can donate.

Supporters and team

The first phase of the Walkway has been made possible thanks to the generous support of a number of educational and scientific foundations and individuals, including the Garfield Weston Foundation, The Wolfson Foundation, and donors to the Eddie George Memorial Appeal, as well as donations from Eden visitors and Eden Friends. Thank you!

The Walkway design and project team comprising Blue Forest in collaboration with Jerry Tate Architects, SKM, Buro Happold, Ward Williams Associates and EaseManage has worked hand in hand with the Eden Project team to bring the project to life.


Parkour handstand on walkway rail

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