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6 tips for getting outdoors this autumn

As the leaves turn amber, the weather becomes chillier and the evenings draw in, we know it’s not always easy to get outdoors during autumn and winter.

We’ve come up with six tips to help you stay active, be social and enjoy the wonders of nature this season.

raindrops on leaf

1. Have a routine

Having a routine is a great way to fit exercise in around your day-to-day commitments, even if it’s just a brisk 30-minute walk at lunchtime. Consistency is key, and means you’ll be less likely to forget or leave it until tomorrow.

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2. Keep warm

Stay toasty by wearing plenty of layers, especially when you’re outside. Don’t get put off by wet winter walks – using waterproof footwear and cosy socks is a great way to keep sogginess at bay! Treat yourself to hot food and drinks to warm you up from the inside out.

Cornwall Christmas Fair

3. See friends and family

Summer may feel like the best time to be social, but the colder months often bring along fun events and occasions to meet up with loved ones. Think markets, firework displays and even trips to Eden! Having plans gets you out of the house and deactivates hibernation mode. You could even work this into your routine, and dedicate one day/evening per week for seeing family and friends.

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4. Do a digital detox

Give yourself a breather from social media or using your phone, especially whilst you’re out enjoying nature. Take time away from screens to clear your mind and soak up the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of autumn.

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5. Start a hobby

Whether it’s painting, visiting gardens, ice-skating or even tasting craft gins, having a hobby or being part of a club can motivate you to try new things, experience new places and meet new people. It’s a great way to fill your evenings too, especially as the days grow darker sooner.

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6. Be near natural light

For most of us, it’s impossible to be outside all day every day. If you’re inside or working from home, try to sit near a window so you’re soaking up a natural light source. Having indoor plants is also a great way to connect to nature when you’re at home.

Experience Eden this autumn

Visiting Eden is a great way to experience nature this autumn. Transport yourself around the world inside our Biomes, take in the changing colours of the landscape throughout the Outdoor Gardens, and see what’s on for fun activities coming up between now and Christmas.