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Artist impressions of the Eden Project Morecambe experience

Eden Project Morecambe, UK

Eden Project Morecambe, previously known as Eden Project North, has been awarded £50m in the second round of the UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund.  The funding allows the project to move into its next phase and begin the process of finalising the remaining funds required from private and philanthropic sources identified as part of the bidding process.

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Introduction continued

Eden Project Morecambe is being delivered by the team behind the first Eden Project in Cornwall, alongside local partners Lancaster University, Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council.

Eden Project Morecambe is the new official name for the project, which has previously been known as Eden Project North.

We will be announcing our next steps, including updates on consultation, construction and recruitment in due course.

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An Eden by the Bay

Map of UK with pin marking Morecambe

For many years Morecambe has been one of Britain’s most popular tourist destinations with visitors attracted to its stunning natural landscape. Eden Project Morecambe, a major new attraction, re-imagines Morecambe as a seaside resort for the 21st Century, inspiring wonder and a connection with the natural world drawing on the Eden Project’s focus on education, ecology and community.

Eden Project Morecambe will be a destination that combines indoor and outdoor experiences, connecting people with the internationally-significant natural environment of Morecambe Bay while also enhancing wellbeing.

The project has far-reaching environmental, social and economic ambitions, but above all it will be a day out that inspires a sense of wonder and connection with the natural world.

Eden Project Morecambe will be a ticketed visitor attraction that is sustainable and transformative, with large indoor environments, housed within iconic pavilions, at its heart. It will build on the Eden Project in Cornwall’s particular mix of entertainment and education, leaving visitors with lasting memories as well as driving positive behavioural change.

Eden Project Morecambe will combine exhibits, performance, learning, play, immersive experiences, world-class horticulture, live music, art, food, beverage and retail spaces, all integrated as essential parts of the overall experience.

Artist impression of the Eden Project Morecambe experience

Artist impressions of the Eden Project Morecambe experience


The visitor experience

Eden Project Morecambe will focus on reimagining health and wellbeing, wonder and entertainment within its core venues. It brings together:

  • Above the Bay: an environment filled with plants and art exhibits, showcasing natural abundance and the rhythms of life linked to the sun.
  • Below the Bay: an immersive series of theatrical experiences that bring to life lunar rhythms and tides.
  • The Natural Observatory: the home of Eden Project Morecambe's research and education programmes.

These spaces, and others, will be connected within a beautiful and sustainable architectural design. External spaces and landscaping will link the venue sensitively to its location – to Morecambe Bay and to the town.

Within every space there will be ground-breaking immersive experiences that encourage visitors to be curious about the natural world. Art, science, adventure, play and performance will all play a role. Building on the work of key partners, in a location of internationally-recognised scientific importance, the collaborative team will seek to make Morecambe Bay a place that is understood and celebrated.

Morecambe’s motto during its tourism heyday was ‘Beauty Surrounds and Health Abounds’. The project has far-reaching environmental, social and economic ambitions, but above all it will be a day out that inspires a sense of wonder and connection with the natural world.

Connecting with the community

Eden holds regular events to keep the Morecambe community up to date with the project and seek feedback on our ideas. These include both virtual and in-person events.

lnformation on upcoming events as well as recordings of previous events are available on our dedicated Eden Project Morecambe community page.

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