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Erica Neve

Eden Trustee

Erica’s career is shaped by her passion for addressing our most pressing and complex problems and creating the conditions for everyone to remain meaningfully and harmoniously part of society.


Image of Erica Neve, Eden Trustee smiling at the camera with a black background

Erica has designed and led global transformation programmes for our biggest household names. Whilst ensuring for every corporate programme, another free programme is provided to audiences who would not ordinarily have access to this level of support. For example, unemployed young people and people who have left prison. 

Reaching harder-to-reach audiences and those excluded from mainstream opportunities or most at risk during large-scale change drives Erica. For example, partnering with one of our tech giants to design the most successful tech and digital skills programmes for young people, across multiple countries.

Erica also joined and supported three for-purpose start-ups to scale and uses this experience to advise other tech-start ups, particularly in education, finance and climate.

To carry out her work, Erica draws on her entrepreneurial mindset and expertise in learning, behavioural change, community and movement building and her love of technology.