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Building on our successful on-site retail programme, including own brand sourced products, our licensed range of products are inspired by the millions of plants which are growing in the Rainforest, Mediterranean and Outdoor Biomes.

Given the planetary emergency that we are facing, the Eden Project licensing programme targets sustainable products and solutions that limit their impact on the planet, whilst inspiring more sustainable purchasing.

More about our licensing

The focus is on building long term, purposeful partnerships with like-minded companies that share similar values with the Eden Project.  It’s about partnerships: 

  • which demonstrate the importance of People and Planet, as well as Profit;
  • that are reciprocal in nature and go beyond licensing;
  • which are innovative and offer solutions.

Sustainable products, provenance of ingredients and the stories behind each product play an integral role in licensing with Eden. The products licensed always have a link to Eden itself, through the plants in the Biomes or Eden’s charitable programmes and awareness-raising campaigns.  Every licensed product represents an opportunity to reach a wider global audience, including people who might never visit an Eden Project.

As an educational charity and social enterprise, money raised by the licensing programme helps to support transformational projects and learning programmes.

Both businesses and individuals are increasingly starting to care about the sustainability of products.

The aim of the Eden Project licensing programme is to respond by providing sustainable and often unique products and solutions which satisfy this call whilst encouraging sustainable use.

With growing recognition that our future wellbeing depends on working with nature, accepting that resources are finite and the importance of tackling waste, the Eden Project licensing programme is evolving to incorporate circular economy principles.

This means products that:

  • are regenerative in nature (for instance seeds, or compost);
  • incorporate a high percentage of recycled, rather than virgin, materials;
  • can be shared, with the aim of maximising their use over product life;
  • are built to be resilient, so have a prolonged life, including by being upgraded, repaired, refurbished or re-sold;
  • can be dismantled at end of use, so that materials can be re-used, including by recycling;
  • can be offered as a service.

The Eden Project works closely with its Licensees to develop distinctive, commercial products designed to appeal both to buyers and ultimately consumers.  Detailed artwork and packaging designs are available, created in-house by Eden’s talented team of designers.

We only work with carefully selected companies with the highest standards to develop products that meet our quality and environmental standards.

In return for using our brand and intellectual property our Licensees pay a royalty that supports our charitable objectives.

We hope you are inspired by the Eden Project and look forward to exploring what we can do together.

Contact us

If you are interested in working with us as a licensee, please email your details and a brief description of your company and products to: 

Current licensing partners and products

We are currently working with the following partners on licensed products:

Eden Project Dalefoot Compost stand at Chelsea

Dalefoot Composts

Dalefoot Composts’ peat free wool compost is produced on a traditional hill farm in the Lake District National Park.  This wholesome, general-purpose compost adopts old gardening recipes and ingredients whose use supports the local farmers and environment; wool from local sheep, comfrey to promote healthy plant growth and bracken harvested in a managed way.  The Wool Compost for Potting, endorsed by the Eden Project, launched in early 2022.

Dalefoot Composts is an important partner for the Eden Project as one of the UK’s leading peatland restoration contractors and sharing a common goal to educate gardeners about the critical importance of UK peatlands to our climate.  Together they created a unique gold-winning exhibit at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2022, temporarily relocating real piece of Cumbrian peatbog to demonstrate to gardeners why peat is not an option.

Franchi Seeds at Hampton Coart

Franchi Seeds of Italy

Our Mediterranean Terrace restaurant is surrounded by herbs and vegetables grown using seeds from Franchi Seeds, the oldest known family-run seed company (established in 1783).  This inspired the Eden Project to collaborate with Franchi Seeds to curate a range of ethical and biodiverse seeds, which originally launched in 2016.  

The original range has now been augmented to offer 48 varieties of flower, herb, vegetable, and salad seeds.  They have been carefully chosen to include bestsellers and gardeners’ favourites, complemented by some unique and hard to find traditional varieties, all approved by the Vegan Society.  The range also includes ‘Ark of Taste’ seeds, a classification created by Slow Food International to draw attention to and help preserve unique and threatened foods.

A view of all Eden coffees with the rainforest biome in the background

Fresh Coffee Shop Ltd

Working with Fresh Coffee Shop Limited we have developed a unique range of home compostable coffee capsules that directly addresses the problem of plastic waste.

The disposal of used coffee capsules – often made with a mixture of plastic and aluminium – is a huge and growing problem for the environment.  

These capsules reduce the problem as they break down into simple raw materials in a domestic compost heap in a matter of weeks. 

Available in 10 varieties: Arabica, Colombian, Costa Rican, Espresso decaf, Guatemalan, Gusto Espresso, Italian Espresso, Lungo decaf, Lungo and Peruvian decaf.  

Hypnos Bed in Eden Project Rainforest Biome

Hypnos Beds

The Eden Project’s partnership with Hypnos Beds is inspired by their commitment to help everyone to sleep sustainably.  Hypnos uses natural and sustainable materials, which are traceable to their origins, to create comfort with integrity.  One of these natural materials is wool; by buying a Hypnos mattress, consumers are helping to support the British wool industry.  Hypnos Beds is a pioneer of sustainable, low carbon and ethical bed making and has been carbon neutral for over a decade.  

The newly launched Origins Organic Collection by Hypnos, endorsed by the Eden Project, is a unique collection of beautifully handcrafted mattresses using only organic fibres and materials that meet the highest social and environmental criteria.

LSA glassware

LSA International

Canopy is a collection of handmade, recycled glass products designed by LSA International and launched in collaboration with us, Eden Project.

Canopy is conceptually inspired by the idea that together we live as one community under the same canopy, and directly references the iconic structure of our very own biomes. The range is centred around hydration and propagation and includes contemporary drinkware, planters and vases.

Each item is sustainably manufactured from 100% recycled glass, embodying the environmentally conscious act of taking discarded material and turning it into something useful. This echoes our founding principles, to transform and regenerate, exploring our dependence on the natural world and using that understanding to excite people into delivering transformation where they live. 

All items are dishwasher safe and boxed in recycled, recyclable packaging printed with organic vegetable inks minimising the impact on the environment.

LifestyleGarden furniture


Echoing the Eden Project's focus on ethical business and sustainability, LifestyleGarden® has been at the forefront at developing outdoor furniture ranges that help to generate an important conversation around our reliance on plastic and the impact plastic waste has upon our planet.

Originally showcased in our Mediterranean Biome, the Nassau DuraOcean® set is available in dark green and mint green from LifestyleGarden®, each chair manufactured out of 3.5kg of fully recycled (and recyclable) maritime waste, including nets and rope; material which would otherwise make its way to our oceans to pollute and kill marine life. The Nassau DuraOcean® chair has already helped to recycle over 324,000kg of ocean/ocean-bound plastic to date.

Use of Social Plastic® is a true industry-first, optimising ethically-recovered plastic that helps to fight ocean pollution and world inequalities by improving the lives of those who collect it. The LifestyleGarden® Social Plastic® range has been launched exclusively within the Nassau collection of chairs and outdoor dining sets available in Sage Green, Peony Pink, White and Honey Yellow. Current production of the recently launched Social Plastic® range will use over 226,000kg of plastic, preventing almost 28 million bottles from going to waste and positively impacting the welfare of 926 people across 113 communities.

Navas Drinks

Navas Drinks

The Eden Project’s partnership with Navas Drinks showcases a range of premium mixers, which use a blend of distilled botanicals, natural plant extracts and Cornish Spring Water.  Working with distillers, Navas experiment with recipes to develop mixers that are as considered as the spirit. The provenance of the ingredients and the stories behind these mixers play an integral role in the relationship between the Eden Project brand and Navas.

Navas believe that no matter the industry, sustainability and climate impact should be taken seriously at every stage. From sourcing ingredients, managing waste and reducing carbon footprint, our goal is to ensure we are doing the best we can to maintain sustainable business practices.

A view of an insect hotel on a brick wall

Portico Designs Ltd

Established over 30 years ago, Portico Designs are independent publishers and wholesalers of design-led gifts. We are proud partners of The Eden Project working passionately to create beautiful innovative product for the retail sector.

We pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with our retail clients, brands and suppliers; working hard to ensure that the products we supply are the highest quality, sustainably sourced, ethically and responsibly managed.

Pure Table Top

Pure Table Top

Pure Table Top is a family business whose main goal is to create quality tableware and home styling products that bring joy to the home.  The Eden Project is partnering with Pure Table Top because they truly care about the way they do business.  From Spring 2024, they will be bringing to the table a beautiful range of ceramics and complementary kitchen textiles, all inspired by the fruits of the Mediterranean biome.

Having recently achieved BCorp status, Pure Table Top is on a mission to limit its direct and indirect impacts on both people and planet and has committed to halving its emissions by 2030.  It works hard to design, manufacture and promote homeware products that are high quality, innovative and responsibly sourced.