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CGI impression of Eden Project Portland

Eden Project Portland, UK

Eden Project Portland will be an underground cathedral where the ancient art of stone carving and cutting edge technology will combine to breathe life into stories of biodiversity, extinction and evolution.

CGI impression of Eden Project Portland


Eden Portland invites you to explore a subterranean labyrinth – a complex of mine tunnels that will be transformed into an unparalleled immersive space.

The tunnels are cut from the same Portland stone that built St Paul’s Cathedral and the UN building in New York, whose embedded fossils inspired the first theories of extinction in the 17th century.

Using a provocative, playful and thoughtful fusion of science, art and storytelling the project will focus attention, engage emotions and inspire action. It will be a space for thinkers, scientists, educators and artists to interpret the story of life on Earth.

In doing so, it will explore the profound threats posed to modern biodiversity by the actions of humanity, identify emerging solutions and innovations, and provide hope for a future that is safe, joyful and fulfilling.


CGI impression of Eden Project Portland

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