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Eden skating lessons questionnaire

Please tell us about yourself/your child so that we can make arrangements for ice skating lessons which suit you best.

Even if you've had lessons with us before, please complete the form afresh, as we do not store these details from year to year. 



You'll need to complete a separate questionnaire for each student (once you've submitted the form once, you'll find a link to return to the beginning). 

If you have a medical condition or a physical disability of which we should be aware, please call us on 01726 818569.


Ice skating questionnaire
About you booking
About you
(If applicable)
Please tell us about any medical condition or physical disability of which we should be made aware.
Your skating abilities
Please tick below which statement(s) best describe your/your child’s skating abilities.
Total beginner / Never been on the ice before
At the barrier the majority of the time
Can glide forwards confidently
Can stop without the use of the barrier
Can skate backwards
Can glide backwards confidently
Can glide on one foot confidently – forwards
Can glide on one foot confidently – backwards
Can turn forwards to backwards and vice versa
Two foot spin
Forward crossovers
Backward crossovers
Forward chassis
Backward chassis
Forward curves / edges
Backward curves / edges
Cross rolls
Bunny hop
Three jump
One foot spin
Previous skating lessons
If you have previously had skating lessons at Eden, please tell us what level you were.
Any other information
Please feel free to write below any further information/comments regarding your/your child’s skating abilities that will help us determine your/your child’s placement within the group lessons, for example: ‘My son is quite fearful…’ or ‘I’ve had lessons before'.
Any special requests
Please indicate here if you have any special requests or circumstances that you would like us to be aware of and/or to consider when grouping and scheduling. (For example. siblings, families with differing surnames that would like to be at similar times, car sharing with another family, or whether an early or late lesson slot is necessary.) Please note that we will do our best to accommodate these requests, however, it may not always be possible to do so.
Mailing list
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Your privacy
We'll use your contact details solely for the purpose of responding to your enquiry. Find out more about how we store your data responsibly in our privacy policy.