Flame Tree Publishing

Inspired by the wildlife around Eden we have produced an exclusive range of calendars with Flame Tree Publishing for 2017 that is both beautiful and practical, featuring a mix of native and exotic birds, hand-drawn by our own design team. We have included our beautiful roul-rouls that you can see wandering around the Rainforest Biome – and of course our favourites, the robins of Eden. 2018 will see a beautiful collection of flowering trees, again inspired by our Biomes.

Flame Tree Publishing website

Franchi Seeds of Italy

Eden has also collaborated with Franchi Seeds to create our seed range, inspired by plants from the Mediterranean Biome. In the heart of the Biome, our Mediterranean Terrace restaurant is surrounded by herbs and vegetables grown using Franchi Seeds.

The range has been carefully developed and comprises Franchi Seeds' best sellers and gardeners’ favourites complemented by some new unique and hard-to-find traditional varieties. There are thirty-two proven favourites in the range including flowers, herbs and vegetable and salad seed varieties.

Franchi Seeds website

Fresh Coffee Shop Ltd

Working with Fresh Coffee and 918 Coffee Co Ltd, we have developed a range of 5 Eco-Roast coffee blends inspired by our  Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes – Central American, South American, Far Eastern, East African and Italian. All of the five blends are either Rainforest Alliance (RFA) certified or Fair Trade certified and are available in Waitrose stores nationwide.

Fresh Coffee Shop website

Heaven Scent

The new Eden home fragrance range includes candles, reed diffusers and room sprays, featuring twelve fragrances inspired by our Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes and Outdoor Gardens. The candles are made from with sustainably-sourced rapeseed wax — no paraffin, additives, or animal-testing. Sustainable packaging is part of the challenge, so the candle vases are made from recycled glass, with the packaging fully recyclable.

Heaven Scent website

Olives Et Al

"We are proud to have been collaborating with Eden from the very beginning, supplying a range of products and ingredients, and even providing olives trees for the Mediterranean Biome.

"Launched more than 25 years ago and inspired by doing things differently, Olives Et Al creates, sources and supplies genuinely natural and authentic foods and ingredients that aim to tread gently on the planet so we can all live more and eat very happily."

Olives Et Al website

Portico Designs Ltd

With our partners at Portico we are developing eye-catching ranges of stationery, gifts and greeting cards using our beautiful in-house designs.

Portico pride themselves on long-standing relationships with licensing partners; working hard to ensure that the products supplied are of the highest quality and come from proven sustainable sources that are ethically and responsibly managed.

Portico Designs website

Turtle Mats

We also have fantastic doormats developed with our partners at Turtle Mat. Unlike traditional doormats made from coir, nylon or even carpet off-cuts, the cotton-pile of Turtle Mats has been engineered to actively absorb moisture and dirt, and is backed with anti-slip rubber.

All of the mats in the range are made in the UK. The cotton-rich pile is made from recycled cotton while the rubber backing is both PVC and vinyl-free. Turtle Mat use recycled rubber from industrial offcuts that would otherwise be wasted.

Turtle Mats website