The new technology used in these capsules means that you no longer need to peel off the foil, empty the coffee and sort the components into separate recycling bins. Our capsules can just be added to your composting bin, compost heap or food recycling bin. The skillets are recyclable card, printed using vegetable-based inks which can be recycled. This means that 100% of the product is compostable or recyclable.

Features of the capsules

  • A full oxygen barrier without the need for any additional packaging. Our capsules keep the premium coffees in perfect condition until you want to use them.
  • Our capsules will biodegrade back into simple raw materials in a domestic compost heap in 23 weeks at low temperature. They are constructed from PHA rather than PLA plastic, which some coffee capsules are made from but does not fully biodegrade.
  • Superb extraction and guaranteed machine compatibility with all brands and types of machines. Unlike many of the compatible products and brands currently available on the market, the Eden Project home compostable capsules guarantee superb extraction with all brands, makes and models of Nespresso system machines.

What happens to the waste capsule?

We put Eden Project Compostable Capsules, green 'corn-starch' industrial capsules and a polypropylene capsule in plastic fruit netting in a domestic compost heap to see what happened.

Each capsule was subjected to the same conditions in the same part of the compost heap, we simply put the bag in the top of the compost heap and covered with garden and kitchen food waste.

Our capsules compost in 26 weeks. 

After 13 weeks we did the same thing again so we could see the end result and also the halfway stage without disturbing the original 26 week test bag. The compost heap was emptied on 2 February 2019, 26 weeks after starting the test.

Our range of coffee

  • Costa Rican: 100% Arabica single origin complex coffee light roasted with a lemon-like brightness, medium body with notes of spiced green tea and toasted barley. Herbal and black walnut notes in the finish.
  • Colombian: 100% Arabica single origin organic coffee wonderfully vibrant with plenty of crisp acidity, a medium light body, bright floral aromas and a long clean finish. The perfect balance of acidity and flavour.
  • Guatemalan: 100% Arabica single origin organic coffee, beautifully delicate with medium/low acidity, notes of almond, brown sugar and hazelnut. A bold chocolate mouth feel finishing with caramel.
  • Decaf: 100% Arabica decaffeinated single origin organic Italian style espresso that beautifully balances body and acidity, medium roasted without the caffeine. A rich, smooth body, with an intense lingering flavour, bold citrusy, releasing tastes of sweet caramel and toasted nut.
  • Americano: This coffee is vibrant and aromatic, delicately roasted to allow the subtle flavours to linger in the mouth. The finest arabica and robusta beans produce an espresso shot – just add hot water for a distinctive and classic Americano. 

  • Italian Espresso: This blend of arabica and robusta beans gives a classic bold and intense Italian Espresso with depth, body and vibrancy combined with a luxurious golden brown crema.

  • Lungo: Blended and roasted specifically to be enjoyed as a long pull (lungo) double espresso shot. Hand-selected arabica and robusta beans with a full-bodied intensity and lasting rich flavour. A vibrant, clean and smooth aromatic coffee.