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The Eden Project first opened in a disused china clay quarry in 2001. In the same way, these new projects focus on the big global challenges as defined by their specific localities, such as soil, water, food, and biodiversity. 

On each of them we are working in collaboration with a wide variety of organisations, companies, communities, research and conservation groups.

‘Eden’s mission is to explore our dependence on the natural world, to use that understanding to excite people into delivering transformation where they live and to ask really serious questions about what a great future might look like for all of us.’ 

Tim Smit, Co-Founder of the Eden Project, and Executive Chairman of Eden Project International 

International projects

We're working with a variety of international partners to shape and establish these new Edens around the world. Read on to follow our progress on each of them.


We’re currently developing three projects in China.

Eden Qingdao

This project will explore the theme of water and its importance for life on earth.

As with similar projects it will link with other Eden Project centres around the world, sharing content and programmes. This will be an Eden Project for China but with a global relevancy. 

The project is still on the drawing board (pictured below), with construction due to begin later in 2017. Find out more about Eden Qingdao.

Eden Yan’an

The second major project in China is in the historic city of Yan’an, famed for being the end of Chairman Mao’s Long March and north of the Xian, home of the terracotta warriors.

This project will explore the theme of land and soil and its importance for life on earth. It will showcase ecological restoration as a vital tool for the future and restore a degraded site just outside the city into a fertile valley full of flowers, agriculture, craft and education (pictured top of page).

Like Eden Qingdao, it will link with other Edens around the world, sharing content and programmes.

Sheng Lu Vineyard

The third Eden project in China is based at Sheng Lu Vineyard in Beijing. The aim is to create a place to reconnect with nature. Education and training programmes will run from here, offering the chance for children and adults to play in natural environment.

Eden has been asked to provide support in turning the vineyard into a profitable and educational visitor attraction as well as supporting education and offering horticultural and landscaping advice.


In Anglesea, Eden and Alcoa of Australia have commenced community consultation to seek feedback on a concept for a world class eco-tourism attraction within Alcoa’s former mine site.

Set within the landscape of the Anglesea Heath, it showcases a vision to transform an area within the former coal mine into a destination for immersive education and experiences which celebrate the local ecology and tell a story of sustainability.

Eden’s concept amplifies the region’s prized environmental and cultural attributes including the scenic Great Ocean Road and the Great Otway National Park, one of the richest and most biodiverse areas in the state.

New Zealand

In Christchurch, Eden is working with a local trust to develop plans for a social enterprise and attraction in an area of the earthquake-damaged Red Zone. Here Eden will explore stories of nature and culture and will include restoration of native ecology along the iconic River Avon shoreline. There will be benefits for the community and tourism with the aim of boosting visitors to the city again.

The project is currently in the early stages of concept development.

United Kingdom

Eden Project Foyle

Working with local partners in Derry, Northern Ireland, Eden Project will turn a contested historic site along the banks of the River Foyle into an internationally important visitor site with world-class built and natural heritage.

Through this project based around Boom Hall and Brook Hall estates, we will interpret and bring into public use a historical landscape and series of walled gardens to create opportunities to learn, engage, explore and play.

The project will draw on the success of the Eden Project with a two-fold strategy; to connect local people to their place and history, and to attract visitors to Derry as a destination to drive economic growth and prosperity. Find out more.

Eden Project North

We have unveiled plans for Eden Project North, a major new attraction in Morecambe, Lancashire. The plan is for a destination that combines indoor and outdoor experiences, connecting people with the internationally-significant natural environment of Morecambe Bay while also enhancing wellbeing.

The vision is of a seaside resort for the twenty-first century includes reimagined lidos, gardens, performance spaces, immersive experiences and observatories. Central to this is a series of pavilions inspired by mussels, which could house a variety of environments.

We’re working with Grimshaw, the architecture firm who designed our world-famous Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes, to create this unique structure for Morecambe with a focus on the marine environment – and with partners, the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, Lancaster University, Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council.

Eden Project Scotland

The Eden Project is beginning work on a feasibility study for a proposed new project in Dundee, provisionally known as Eden Project Scotland.

Eden is working with Dundee City Council and the University of Dundee and the study is being supported by businesses and institutions in the area.

The feasibility study will establish a suitable site for the project, begin developing content ideas and explore the potential for creating jobs and boosting the regional economy.

Like every Eden Project around the world, Eden Project Scotland will be transformational and regenerative with an overarching theme of humanity’s connection to the natural world.

About Eden Project International 

Eden Project International Ltd (EPIL) is an entity formed as part of the Eden Trust, created to drive the establishments of Edens around the world.

At the helm of the new company are Co-Founder of the Eden Project Sir Tim Smit, who has been appointed Executive Chairman of EPIL, and Eden Project Executive Director David Harland, who has taken up the role of Chief Executive of the international company.

EPIL also undertakes consultancy services for new and existing projects in a range of areas.