The Eden Project will reopen on 17 May 2021. Timed entry tickets are now available to pre-book online for dates up to 5 September.

Each project will share common values and a message of the importance of the natural world, but each will be unique to its area and a product of its surroundings. Our vision is for Eden Projects around the world to work together and learn from one another, a global network of local projects.

‘Eden’s mission is to explore our dependence on the natural world, to use that understanding to excite people into delivering transformation where they live and to ask really serious questions about what a great future might look like for all of us.’ 

Sir Tim Smit, Co-Founder of the Eden Project, and Executive Chairman of Eden Project International 

Eden’s international projects include ambitious plans to create new attractions with a message of environmental, social and economic regeneration as well as our “wild sites” in Costa Rica and Chad, which aim to protect and rejuvenate natural landscapes.

Our current portfolio of projects includes:

Australia - Eden Project Anglesea

Where: Anglesea, Victoria, Australia
Working with: Alcoa of Australia
How much: AU$150m
When: Following achievement of the relevant planning and rezoning approvals, construction is expected to be complete within 18-24 months.

Eden Project Anglesea is a concept for a world class eco-tourism attraction on the site of a former coal mine which has been projected to create more than 1,300 new jobs and generate AU$350m for the regional economy in its first 10 years of operation.

Eden Project Anglesea will fuse science and wonder to immerse visitors in the elements of fire, air, earth and water that are responsible for shaping the stunning coastal region along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

Set within the landscape of the Anglesea Heath, it showcases a vision to transform an area within the former coal mine into a destination for immersive education and experiences which celebrate the local ecology and tell a story of sustainability.

Eden’s concept amplifies the region’s prized environmental and cultural attributes including the scenic Great Ocean Road and the Great Otway National Park, one of the richest and most biodiverse areas in the state.

Chad - Ecological restoration of Lake Chad

Where: Republic of Chad
Working with: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), University of N’Djamena
How much: N/A
When: N/A

Eden is working with UNESCO and the University of N’Djamena on the ecological regeneration of Lake Chad, which is located at the crossroads of Cameroon, Chad, the Central African Republic, Niger and Nigeria. It is an important source of fresh water that supports more than 45 million people.

Between 1960 and 1985, the surface area of Lake Chad was reduced by 95% due to the decrease in rainfall, which led to significant imbalances in ecosystems. However, since the 2000s, it has been expanding.

The area is also plagued by conflicts, exacerbated in recent years by the insecurity generated by the Boko Haram sect, which led to significant population migrations.  

The challenges are many: poverty reduction, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management and rehabilitation, participatory planning and inclusive governance and science-based decision-making among others.

Eden’s work is in three pilot sites in the Chadian area of Lake Chad and is focused on encouraging a sustainable spirulina (a type of edible algae) harvest, sustainable fishing and the restoration of a wadi, or dry lakebed created by the reduction in the size of the lake.

China – Eden Project Qingdao

Where: Qingdao, Shandong province, China
Working with: China Jinmao Holdings Limited
How much: £150m
When: 2023

Eden Project Qingdao will be themed around water, showing that water is the life blood of nature, culture and civilisation.

Visitors to Eden Project Qingdao will journey through dramatic landscapes of extreme aridity and water abundance, surrounded by theatrical performances and interactive installations. These will explore different aspects of water - from the microscopic life forms in one drop of water to the thunder claps of a storm cloud.

Eden Project Qingdao is positioned on Jiaozhou Bay, surrounded by water and defined by rivers and sea.  It is situated on a large area of reclaimed and environmentally damaged land originally used for salt production and then prawn breeding and is located on the confluence of two rivers.

The project will showcase the regeneration of the site, bringing the land back in touch with its surrounding water, communicate the importance of water and the ongoing water challenge in a meaningful and fun way and be a positive and optimistic site for environmental and social change.

Qingdao is a coastal city of nearly nine million people in Shandong Province, halfway between Shanghai and Beijing. The city is backed by mountains and surrounded on three sides by the Yellow Sea.

It is famous for hosting the 2008 Olympic sailing races, for having the largest bathing beach in Asia and for its most famous export, Tsingtao Beer. Qingdao already has annual tourism of 63 million visitors, many of whom are Korean and Japanese.

In May 2020, a groundbreaking ceremony for the project was held in Qingdao (with Eden staff attending virtually due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions).

China – Eden Project Jizhou

Where: Jizhou, Tianjin, China
Working with: Chinese partners
How much: TBC
When: TBC

Eden Project in Jizhou is a new model for healthy living and better lives. It will be located in a former limestone quarry and will comprise a network of attractions and a new town, which will act as a catalyst for wider environmental and socio-economic regeneration.

It will be an exemplar community creating a range of ways to source, use and reuse materials that respect the natural gifts we have been given. 

It will demonstrate circular economy innovations and traditional crafts to create a new mixed economy based on recycling, growing, sharing and re-purposing.

This in turn will drive enterprise, research, learning and leisure, developing ways for people to enjoy these gifts together through a range of regenerative initiatives around food, play, activity and trade, living in harmony with nature and each other.

Costa Rica – Eden Project Costa Rica

Where: Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
Working with: Matambú Forest Nature Reserve, Costa Rican Ministry of Environment and Energy
How much: N/A
When: Ongoing

Eden is working with the Matambú Forest Nature Reserve, which in the last 20 years has regrown 8,601 acres of degraded farm land into secondary growth tropical dry forest, part of Costa Rica’s remarkable programme of reforestation and restoring biodiversity.

Eden’s ambitious plan is to continue the regeneration of this forest and expand its area across the peninsula, encouraging the return of wildlife (including jaguars and tapirs) and work with the local communities to create a region that is sustainable both environmentally and economically.

This will involve creating training and education programmes which encourage business and employment opportunities which are symbiotic with the forest.

Encouraging sustainable tourism to help spread the message of regeneration around the world will be a vital part of this vision.

New Zealand – Eden Project New Zealand

Where: Christchurch, New Zealand
Working with: Christchurch City Council, Eden Project NZ Trust
How much: TBC
When: TBC

Eden Project New Zealand will be based at the Avonside Loop in Christchurch that now forms part of the wider Ōtākaro Avon River corridor, on approximately 40 hectares of land. 

Comprising a multi-sensory world-class visitor destination and new neighbourhood, it will braid the histories of the natural world and the people who have inhabited it – exploring and celebrating the relationships between nature and culture.

Like every Eden Project around the world, Eden Project New Zealand will be transformational and regenerative with an overarching theme of humanity’s connection to the natural world.

Eden has recently recieved a NZ$152,500 inward investment grant comes from New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) which will contribute towards the cost of a feasibility study.

United Arab Emirates – Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

Where: Dubai, UAE
Working with: Grimshaw Architects
How much: N/A
When: October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 (Expo was postponed for a year due to COVID-19)

Eden is working with Grimshaw Architects on the content for Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion at the heart of the Expo 2020 Dubai site. The building is a breathtaking design boasting a staggering 1,055 solar panels on its roof, generating four gigawatt hours of electricity per year.

Visitors to the pavilion will be taken on a journey telling the enchanting story of humankind’s relationship with nature and our impact on it. The experience is designed to empower visitors to understand the effects of their actions and become agents of change.

Its grounds will feature a variety of sustainable innovations, including inventive irrigation techniques, a greywater recycling system, local plants to reduce water use by 75 per cent, "energy trees" equipped with solar panels that rotate like a sunflower to face the sun and a water tree that will produce water from the surrounding air.

As part of legacy plans, the building will remain at District 2020 as a centre for children to engage with science, educating and inspiring generations to come.

United Kingdom – Eden Project Foyle

Where: Derry~Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Working with: Foyle River Gardens charity
How much: £67m
When: 2023

Working with local partners in Derry~Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Eden Project Foyle will turn a contested historic site along the banks of the River Foyle into an internationally important visitor site with world-class built and natural heritage.

Through this project based around Boom Hall and Brook Hall estates, we will interpret and bring into public use a historical landscape and series of walled gardens to create opportunities to learn, engage, explore and play.

The project will draw on the success of the Eden Project with a two-fold strategy; to connect local people to their place and history, and to attract visitors to Derry as a destination to drive economic growth and prosperity.

United Kingdom – Eden Project North

Where: Morecambe, Lancashire
Working with: Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, Lancaster University, Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council.
How much: £125m
When: 2024

Eden Project North will be a major new attraction in Morecambe, Lancashire. The plan is for a destination that combines indoor and outdoor experiences, connecting people with the internationally-significant natural environment of Morecambe Bay while also enhancing wellbeing.

 Eden Project North is a unique and ambitious project that seeks to reimagine the seaside resort for the 21st century. The project has far-reaching environmental, social and economic ambitions, but above all it will be a day out that inspires a sense of wonder and connection with the natural world.

Unique to Morecambe is Eden Project North’s focus on themes of fostering health and wellbeing, both of humankind and the natural environment on which we rely. These themes will be brought to life in a series of zones, each of which allows an intense and enjoyable visitor experience, and together offer choice to visitors. 

Together, these zones and others will be connected within a beautiful and sustainable architectural design. External spaces and landscapes will link the venue sensitively to its location – to Morecambe Bay and to the town.

Eden is working with partners, the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, Lancaster University, Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council to deliver the project.

United Kingdom – Eden Project Scotland

Where: Dundee, Scotland
Working with: Dundee City Council, University of Dundee
How much: TBC
When: TBC

The Eden Project is beginning work on a feasibility study for a proposed new project in Dundee, provisionally known as Eden Project Scotland.

Eden is working with Dundee City Council and the University of Dundee and the study is being supported by businesses and institutions in the area.

The feasibility study will establish a suitable site for the project, begin developing content ideas and explore the potential for creating jobs and boosting the regional economy.

Like every Eden Project around the world, Eden Project Scotland will be transformational and regenerative with an overarching theme of humanity’s connection to the natural world.

United States of America – Eden Project Graniteville

Where: Graniteville, South Carolina, USA
Working with: Horse Creek Trust
How much: TBC
When: TBC

Eden Project Graniteville is an exploration of the circular economy in a regenerated community following a historical industrial accident.

It will bring the best of music, arts, food and drink, nature and technology together in a balanced and regenerative system.

Eden is working alongside partners to help create a unique visitor destination that will also act as a hub for residents and local community alike.