Our Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes, Outdoor Gardens and Core education centre are now open to visitors. All visits must be pre-booked online.

Refer a patient to our programmes

If you are a healthcare professional who would like to refer a patient on to our social prescribing programmes, in the first instance please contact Heidi Morgan on 01726 818550, 07817 875165 or email hmorgan@edenproject.com.

Share client details confidentially

To refer a patient to us, we will invite you to complete a referral form and share their details with us confidentially using our secure SharePoint system. Please read these SharePoint instructions before doing so.

About social prescribing at the Eden Project 

At the Eden Project we believe in the power of connecting people with each other and their environment – the power of people collectively doing things to improve their lives and the lives of others around them.

Nature’s Way offers a series of social prescribing programmes that provide opportunities for people to connect and support each other in order to improve their health and wellbeing.

This programme is supported by the Pears Foundation and the Woodford Charitable Fund. 

Pears Foundation