Coffee-powered bean roaster

We’re excited about the latest Eden Project coffee to hit the shops, because it has a very special story behind it. 

Not only are the coffee beans themselves ethically sourced, but they’re roasted in a really innovative low-carbon way: the power for the bean roaster comes from used coffee grounds. 

Apparently some 500,000 tonnes of the stuff are sent to landfill every year, where they speed up the decomposition of other organic waste, thereby releasing methane more rapidly.

The innovative new Coffe-Eco system invented by 918 Coffee Co., who we’ve worked with to create the coffee blends, is basically harnessing the energy of these used grounds to power their roasting process, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfill at the same time.  

A sustainable coffee bean

All in all, we’re really proud of the product, all four blends are hand packed and also certified Rainforest Alliance.

This is just one of many examples of Eden Project working in partnership with companies to develop products together that reflect our values – helping take our ethos to audiences beyond our visitor attraction.

You can buy Eco-Roast at the Eden Project, in Eden's online shop, and in Waitrose stores nationwide and online.