By taking up a Locals’ Pass Direct Debits, you’re agreeing for your documents to be sent electronically to the email account provided. 

If you need to inform us of a change to your email address, please let us know on 01726 811972 or, or tell one of the Ticketing Team in the Visitor Centre next time you’re visiting. 

We no longer send statements or correspondence for the account by post, unless you ask us to start sending you paper statements and/or correspondence again. To arrange this please contact us on 01726 811972 or email us at

We email you at least 10 working days ahead of the renewal each year (1 November annually), using the email provided by you, letting you know that your bank is about to be debited for the price of the Locals’ Pass.

In this correspondence we’ll also inform you of any price changes in our range of Locals' Passes that affect you. 

If you’d like to cancel your Direct Debit for your Locals’ Pass, simply contact us on 01726 811972 or email us at, and also get in contact with your bank. 

If you’re not receiving your email…

Emails may be returned to us as undeliverable for several reasons: the email address provided may not be correct, the email account may be full, or the email account may have software which is either placing our email in a SPAM folder or deleting it all together.