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About The Planet Mark

The Planet Mark is an international mark of sustainability for businesses, property developments and products, helping organisations to improve their environmental, economic and social performance. When a business achieves the Planet Mark it has:

  • Taken positive action to improve environmental, social and economic performance
  • Integrated sustainability reporting in line with current legislation and protocols
  • Engaged with employees, stakeholders, local and global community projects

Businesses that achieve the Planet Mark develop an operations culture based on the ‘triple bottom line’, and contribute to sustainability education.

Tim Smit, co-founder of Eden

How it works

Businesses and property developers which sign up to the scheme benefit from:

  • Access to an online platform to measure and report on the organisation’s carbon footprint and social performance
  • A detailed improvement plan and staff engagement options
  • A comprehensive marketing and communications package to help share their success

An investment is made to the Eden Trust each time a company signs ups to the scheme.

Planet First, together with the Eden Project, offers a range of consulting services that focus on improving the sustainability performance of organisations. Together we specialise in the following areas:

  • Sustainability communications strategy
  • Employee engagement
  • Mandatory Carbon Reporting
  • Third party verification
  • Supply chain engagement

Eden’s own Planet Mark certification

We’ve achieved The Planet Mark ourselves, after undertaking an environmental performance audit across all of our operations to measure carbon, energy, water and waste use.

Find out more about The Planet Mark.

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