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Consultancy and advisory

If you’re interested in deepening your people’s connection with nature and each other and then using this to the benefit of your organisation, then the HotHouse team is available for consultancy. 

Our multi-disciplinary team of facilitators and consultants drawn from across Eden can work with you on purpose, cultural change, coaching and mentoring, training programme design, and leadership for sustainability.

We’re available for conference keynotes or we can help you design and facilitate company days, conferences and workshops, and team-building sessions. If we don’t think we’re the right fit for you then we can introduce you to a wide network of collaborators all of whom are specialists in using the power of nature to enhance organisations. 

Custom programmes tailor-made for your organisation 

We collaborate with teams and organisations to design custom training and development programmes to address specific objectives. These could be single interventions, such as one-day team-building workshops, or they could be longer and involve multiple interventions. 

Most of these programmes are delivered at the Eden Project in Cornwall, but we’ll also come to your premises or another place – ideally with good access to nature. We’re always fascinated to listen to the challenges facing modern organisations and discuss a range of programmes, but you’ll likely come to us if you’re interested in developing:

  • Organisational culture and purpose 
  • Team-building and communication
  • Leadership and talent development 
  • Visioning  and horizon scanning
  • Leadership for sustainability 

Much of this custom work is characterised by a period of co-creation between you and us. During this process we will aim to get to the heart of what it is that you or your organisation needs and how we can best design a programme that meets, and exceeds, your expectations. 

Case study: Pukka Herbs 

HotHouse works with organic tea and supplement gurus, Pukka Herbs. After a consultation phase and a period of co-creation with the Pukka founders and HR team ‘Chrysalis’ was born. Chrysalis, the name in itself a powerful metaphor of transformational change, is a personal and organisational development programme that all of Pukka’s people are participating in.

Find out more about our work with Pukka

Case study: Ella’s Kitchen 

We’ve had the pleasure of working with organic baby food giant Ella’s Kitchen, exploring organisational purpose with their leadership team. A certified B Corp, Ella’s Kitchen was founded by Paul Lindley in 2006 so his daughter, and her generation, ‘should have the opportunity to eat better food and also to discover healthy food can be fun, tasty, and cool.’

After staggering growth in a tricky market Ella’s was sold in 2013 and to this day they invest heavily in continual improvement, which is where the work with HotHouse came in. We work with a lot of companies, all of which are exciting and unique, but something in particular inspired us about Ella’s and that was the unity in the senior team. By having clarity over their common purpose they’ve shown that making a profit while doing the ‘right thing’ is possible for everyone.