Our Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes, Outdoor Gardens and Core education centre are now open to visitors. All visits must be pre-booked online.


School trips to Eden

Find out why students and teachers enjoy their educational trips to Eden so much!

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The world’s most exotic, scent-filled, fun, interactive, imaginative and sheer mind-blowing classroom on the planet
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All our school visits include:

  • access to the inspirational Eden site for the day 
  • a personal welcome from the Education Team at the entrance 
  • a base for your bags in our purpose-built education centre, The Core 
  • a space to eat your own lunch
  • free entry for accompanying adult helpers, whose participation is essential to the success of the day (please note our suggested adult/pupil ratios are as follows: Early Years Foundation Stage, 1:3; Key Stage 1, 1:6; Key Stage 2 and 3, 1:10; Key Stage 4, 1:15; Key Stage 5, 1:20). You’re welcome to bring more helpers if you’d like; for a charge of £15 per adult

  • a free preparatory visit to Eden for teachers with a confirmed booking who would like to plan their school trip

One of the most educationally rich venues to have taken groups to visit. I would hope all pupils at our school could visit on a rite of passage.

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Choose the best way for your school to visit

Curriculum-linked school workshops

Why not let us take over for the day? We offer a range of curriculum-linked school workshops specially designed by our team, which make full use of our fantastic site.

Workshops cost from £5.40 per pupil, which includes all equipment as well as free teaching resources enabling your class to prepare for the workshop and to follow up on the activity.

Choose a workshop

The workshops are well run and the Eden experience can't be found anywhere else.

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Independent, teacher-led trips

If your time here is short, this type of visit is a great way to explore Eden – though we’d thoroughly recommend booking your class in for one of our curriculum-linked workshops!

Teachers planning to visit independently should book their school in with our Schools Team, so that we can offer discounted schools admission tickets and a welcome briefing. These trips cost £5.40 per pupil for 16-year-olds and below, and £9.00 for 17-18-year-olds. 

Plan your visit

Residential packages with the YHA

These go beyond the usual Eden education offer, keeping your students busy from breakfast until bedtime. You’ll have the opportunity to experience Eden in new and exciting ways, including access to the Biomes at night! 

Book a residential package 

We have had a fantastic day. The children were really engaged and kept saying that this was the best trip they had been on.

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Information for home educators

On weekdays during term time home educators can also take advantage of the same concessions as teacher-led visits, with parents/carers and children enjoying the reduced entry admission of £5.40 each.

Unless you are a large group, there is no need to book in advance. Please buy your ticket on arrival at our Ticketing Desks, and bring some form of identification with you, such as a membership card or a confirmation letter that you home educate. 

Or you may like to buy a full-price family ticket and convert it to an Annual Pass, so that you can visit any time throughout the year.

The chance to come face-to-face with tropical flora and fauna usually found on the other side of the world is a very special opportunity for our girls and we are so lucky to have such a fantastic resource on our doorstep. We can’t wait to get back to school and see the wonderful work which our adventure has stimulated.
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Frequently asked questions

When should we visit?

We welcome facilitated education groups at Eden from Monday to Friday during term time. As Eden can be very busy at peak times of the year, you may find visiting outside the main tourist season more rewarding.

How much time should we allow?

In our experience, many schools find they have not allowed enough time to explore Eden when planning their visit. Our site is large and four hours or more is best for a worthwhile exploration. If you book your class onto one of our workshops, we’d recommend you allow extra time to explore the site as well.

Where should we stay?

YHA Eden Project, located at Eden itself, is the most convenient place to stay for your school trip. The innovative en-suite accommodation is made of shipping containers! You can book your accommodation independently, or opt for a YHA residential package which features evening activities as well.

How many adult helpers should we bring?

Our suggested adult/pupil ratios are as follows: Early Years Foundation Stage, 1:3; Key Stage 1, 1:6; Key Stage 2 and 3, 1:10; Key Stage 4, 1:15; Key Stage 5, 1:20). You’re welcome to bring more helpers if you’d like; for a charge of £15 per adult

What shall we bring?

Students and staff should bring:

  • equipment such as clipboards, pens and pencils (if visiting independently)
  • a packed lunch (including a drink and, we recommend, an additional bottle of water)
  • layers of clothing, including appropriate outdoor clothing, to help cope with the variations in temperature between our indoor Biomes and outdoor gardens
  • hats and sun cream on sunny days (you can even catch the sun inside our Biome!)

Can we store our stuff somewhere?

We try our best to offer all education groups space to eat lunch and store bags. On busy days you may be sharing with another group.

Where can we eat?

We recommend that you bring a packed lunch. We try our best to offer all education groups space to eat lunch and store bags. On busy days you may be sharing with another group.

What should we do when we arrive?

As far as possible, all education groups who have booked ahead are met by one of our friendly Education Team, to help orientate you and set you up for the day.

Is Eden suitable for pupils with special educational needs?

We are committed to supporting visits for those with special educational needs. We aim to create equal opportunities for everybody to experience, learn about and get involved in the Eden Project. You might find our Access Guide helpful. Please tell us your requirements when you make your booking.

What about health and safety?

Don’t worry, we do our utmost to ensure that your school visit is fun, worthwhile and safe. Please download our health and safety guidelines (provided as a pdf on this page) to support you in your risk assessment process. If you have any concerns, please contact the Education Team (01726 811913; education@edenproject.com).

How can I book our trip?

All school visits should be booked in advance by filling in our schools booking enquiry form. Your school will be invoiced after your visit. Please note that education groups without a confirmed booking won’t benefit from our discounted education rates.