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Girl on the ice rink

Ice skating for schools

Enjoy a session on our glittering ice rink that’s exclusively for education groups.  

It’s the perfect opportunity for your learners to try something new, develop their confidence and enjoy time with their friends in Eden’s beautiful, friendly and safe setting. Ice skating provides all the benefits of physical activity with plenty of opportunity to develop balance and co-ordination!

Please note, our glittering ice rink is now closed and will open later this year for the winter season.

School skating - exclusive education sessions

We've created some special ice-skating sessions when the rink is reserved just for schools, from EYFS to KS5 levels. These 40-minute skating sessions are exclusively for school groups, year 3 and up (Maximum of 120 pupils per session. Smaller groups may share the ice with similar aged pupils from another school). Your visit includes entry to all Eden has to offer for the day, a welcome introduction and classroom base.

Infants on Ice - ice play for under 7s

These non-skating, ice play sessions are exclusively for under-sevens from nursery and school groups (maximum of 75 children). Participants wear their normal shoes (trainers or wellies) not skates and the ice is left ‘uncut’ to make it less slippery and more playable! The sessions last 40 minutes and include plenty of toys to play with. Your visit includes entry to all Eden has to offer for the day, a welcome introduction and classroom base.

School Skating – public sessions

We welcome school groups to the rink outside the exclusive education sessions when you’ll be sharing the rink with public skaters.

Weekday term-time public sessions: Wednesdays – all sessions, Monday-Friday 3pm. £7.95/student including entry to the Eden Project, a welcome introduction and a classroom base for your visit.

School skating in evening and weekend public sessions. Evenings 4pm onwards and weekends. £11/student including entry to the Eden Project.

Please contact the Education Team to find out more.

Wheelchairs on the ice

We welcome visitors using manual wheelchairs on the ice. Straps must be worn at all times – we have five straps available for those who require them. It is preferred that anyone using a manual wheelchair on the ice does not wear skates, and is accompanied and pushed by another (skating) visitor.

We discourage the use of power-assisted chairs as they are difficult to control on the ice. For visitors with a bespoke chair who cannot be transferred to another wheelchair or pushed, we can allow the use of power-assisted chairs.

How to book a school ice session

School skating must be booked in advance. Use our online form to request your booking or find out more information.

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