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School Workshop: Biodiversity, Bees and Me

This workshop explores the importance of biodiversity and the role of seed banks and pollinators in maintaining food security as well as discussing what we can do to help.


Workshop overview

What happens in the workshop

Deep under the Arctic ice, scientists have created a £6.9 million seed bank with the ambition of conserving 4.5 million seed samples. Students investigate the importance of biodiversity and the role that seed banks play in maintaining global food security. They then set off to investigate Eden’s three Biomes in search of their own suggestions for plants to add to the seed bank.

On returning to the Core, the students debate which of their plant finds should make it into the seed bank as top priority. They play a game which highlights the essential role that insects play in maintaining food security through the pollination of crop plants and the reasons why these pollinators are at risk. Finally, we delve a little deeper into some of the issues surrounding biodiversity conservation, including whether there are choices we can make which will make a difference.

A visiting teacher

Visiting teacher

“Biodiversity, Bees and Me was fantastic, it set a very realistic scene at the beginning and really introduced pupils to the necessity of plants in our lives.”

Practical information

A visiting teacher

St. Gabriel's School

“The workshop stimulated structured and thoughtful discussion. Our pupils were filled with awe and wonder!”

Unforgettable school trips

Accredited workshops at Eden

This workshop is accredited under the British Science Association’s CREST Awards scheme and goes towards a Discovery Award.

In order to gain the award it is also necessary for the students to have completed some of the suggested pre- and post-visit activities provided upon booking.

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