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A group of young children starting a campfire

School Workshop: Fire Carriers

A hands-on team challenge for schools, encouraging pupils to explore trust and risk through safe fire skills. It focuses on team work, communication and practical skills.


Workshop overview

Survive in the Cornish wilds by learning to work with fire and explore trust and risk. Pupils will learn new skills, safe practices and respect for their surroundings.

What happens in the workshop

The session takes place in Eden’s Outdoor Gardens. Inspired by an original story, children work in teams to build the skills they need to work safely with fire. Each child will make a lamp using only natural materials, and then work together as a team to light a small fire safely. Finally we’ll gather around the campfire whilst listening to the story’s end.

A visiting teacher

Visiting teacher

“One of the most educationally rich venues to have taken groups to visit. I would hope all pupils at our school could visit on a rite of passage.”

Practical information

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