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Salvias growing in the Outdoor Gardens at Eden Project

Living Landscapes

The Eden Project’s mission is to build relationships between people and the natural world. Our Living Landscapes team help to create this connection at our main site and further afield, and they can help your home, workplace or business create these connections too. 

Using our guiding principles of plants, people, planet, product, we create nature and human friendly spaces by design and can help you generate beautiful, biodiverse, productive and climate-resilient landscapes.

Living Landscapes

Living Landscapes guiding principles

  • Plants: Planning biodiverse spaces that are plant-based, designing vegetation that is dense, diverse, and creates habitat and resources.
  • People: Making spaces where people are immersed in nature, building connections with other living things whilst celebrating the human ingenuity for cultivation - spaces that feel great but taste great too.
  • Planet: Creating landscapes for the benefit of people and other living things, that celebrate human culture and build biodiverse and carbon positive landscapes, and are adaptive and resilient, models for an abundant future.
  • Product: Working with partners to create opportunities for product development; advising and consulting on sustainable landscape management.

What can the Living Landscapes team deliver?

  • Landscapes and gardens that are nature friendly by design: Habitat rich, pollinator rich, diverse layered plantings (ground to tree canopy), carbon positive, climate change resilient, biodiverse, and chemical free.
  • Spaces that are human friendly by design, supporting well-being: Immersive, plant rich, wildlife supporting, edible rich, natural in materials, and dynamic spaces, working with nature not against it.
  • Partnerships that nourish products and projects that produce synergies and create benefits for plants, people and planet.

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