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Colour chaos uncovered at Eden this February half-term

The Eden Project is set to burst into a kaleidoscope of colour when arts meets science this February half-term.

Colour Uncovered

Colour Uncovered - half-term at Eden

Colour chaos uncovered at Eden this February half-term

Colour Uncovered from, February 15 to 23, will feature a galaxy of fun activities designed to unleash your inner artist.

One of the biggest draws is a collaborative art installation in the dome tent with established artists to create a giant nature-themed mural shaped like a vine.

Visitors will be encouraged to make and draw elements to add to it, such as insects, 3D flowers and leaves. They will also be encouraged to search inside their pockets for objects to add to the mural, which will steadily grow over the duration of the half-term break.

Among the artists will be Ness Lannen, who specialises in creating atmospheric seascapes influenced by the spectacular Cornwall coastline, and Victoria Mead, a sculptor and 3D artist.

People will also have the chance to look through the eyes of an insect and help create the ultraviolet landscape that it sees.

In the Biomes, a living colour trail will help visitors find colours hidden in nature and hunt for striking flowers and plants along the way.

People of all ages can have a go at creating eye-catching masks, get messy with marble painting and make unique pictures by paper weaving.

Demonstrations on how natural fabric dyes are made will be taking place. There will also be take away guides and ideas available to encourage people to recreate these once they return home.

The Core Lab will host ‘Carry Away Colour’, featuring the world of natural colour and showcasing the clever ways plants use colours to entice pollinators.

Eden storytellers will engage audiences with their story ‘Our Colourful World’ where people will travel through time and explore the changing colours of Planet Earth.

Demelza Lee, Eden Live Programme Lead, said: “Eden is a beautiful place to visit throughout the year. We are so excited to see it bathed in even more colour this half-term with a kaleidoscope of vibrant activities suitable for all ages.

“Our giant nature mural will be a fun and thought-provoking way to show people that by doing the smallest things, we can make a huge impact to our world.”

Pre-bookable relaxed sessions will be available for children with autism spectrum conditions, sensory and communications needs or learning disabilities who may benefit from a more informal experience. These will take place on Sunday February 16 from 9 am and can be booked via the Eden website, where information on relaxed sessions can be found.