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Eden and other gardens unite for new collaboration with Google Arts & Culture

Interactive online exhibition celebrates green spaces around the UK


Eden Project landing page on Gardens United


The Eden Project is one of more than 30 cultural partners around the country joining forces for a new interactive online resource celebrating the beauty of gardens. 

Launched today by Google Arts & Culture, Gardens United encourages users to discover and be inspired by the breadth and wonder of green spaces throughout the UK. 

From archives, museums, botanic gardens and heritage bodies, users can learn from leading experts and community gardeners about topics ranging from health and wellbeing, food growing, urban gardening and much more.  

Gardens United gives everyone, everywhere an opportunity to explore, learn and discover gardens through a new lens.  

In over 150 curated online exhibitions, Gardens United presents an enormous archive of over 4,000 items including photos, videos, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) tours and Google Street View tours.  

Users can learn about how gardens have always held a special place in our lives, how important they are for our health and wellbeing and what gardening can do to help support the planet. The exhibition also includes a look back through botanical history from Darwin’s garden to royal landscapes.  

Eden’s content on the platform will enable users to explore the project’s fascinating architecture, gardens and plant collection online. It will showcase the diversity of plant-life at Eden, which is home to one of the largest living displays of ethnobotanical plants in the world. 

Tom Trinkle, Eden’s Digital Content Lead, said: “At Eden, we aim to connect people with each other and the living world and the plants growing here all have fascinating stories, from bamboos to bananas. The Google Arts & Culture platform is a wonderful way to meet our plants and features a selection of the best photographs of the Eden Project ever taken.” 

Amit Sood, Director of Google Arts & Culture, said: “Everyone around the world can find joy in exploring a garden, and through this program we wanted to celebrate this as well as inspire audiences to seek out new gardening experiences. From botanical art to urban gardening, thanks to our incredible partners, Gardens United has something for everyone - even if you are only looking to plan your next staycation itinerary!” 

Explore Gardens United on the Google Arts & Culture app on iOS or Android or online via