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Eden Project Dundee community events to feature film premiere

The first of a new programme of community events for Eden Project Dundee will take place on Wednesday (July 26) and will feature the premiere of a new film about the project.


Blair Parkin (left), the Eden Project’s Chief Experience Development Officer, is interviewed by Laura Young, also known as Less Waste Laura, at the Eden Project in Cornwall for a new film about Eden Project Dundee.


The two events will take place at Arthurstone Library in Dundee and will give the community the opportunity to act as “co-creators” for the project as it prepares for the submission of a planning application this autumn (2023).

The first event, taking place between midday and 3pm, will take the form of a “world café” conversation in which participants are invited to stay for the duration of the event and offer detailed feedback over a range of subjects, including the design and content of Eden Project Dundee, the project’s impact on the local environment and transport and accessibility. Members of the Eden Project team will facilitate the conversation and be on hand to answer questions.

To manage capacity for this event, the Eden Project recommends free tickets be pre-booked at

The second event, starting at 5.30pm and running until 7.30pm, will feature presentations by the Eden Project team and will include the opportunity to ask questions about the project. Pre-booking isn’t required and guests are welcome to arrive at a time that is convenient for them. People can attend both events if they wish.

A new film about Eden Project Dundee will also be premiered at the events and simultaneously go live on the Eden Project’s YouTube channel ( at midday on Wednesday.

The film is presented by Laura Young, an award-winning climate activist, environmental scientist, and ethical influencer also known as Less Waste Laura. In the film, Laura finds out more about the history of the gasworks site, meets Eden Project Dundee partners and discovers how the original Eden Project in Cornwall will influence the new Dundee project.

Darren Hoare, the Eden Project’s Head of Programme Delivery, said: “This is a really exciting new phase of the project and we can’t wait to meet everyone. We hope that as many members of the community as possible join us in the co-creation of Eden Project Dundee.”

Further community events will be held on Friday August 18 at Douglas Community Centre and on Wednesday September 13 at the Ardler Complex.

Eden Project Dundee will be a landmark development for the city, transforming the former gasworks on East Dock Street into a beacon for regeneration and green tourism. It will encourage visitors to think, feel and act differently by revealing how we can learn from and be inspired by nature.

The project will combine exhibits, performance, learning, play, immersive experiences, world-class horticulture, live music, art, and food, beverage and retail spaces, all integrated as essential parts of the overall experience.

Work to create an Eden Project on this site would include the conversion of the existing gasholder, demolition of other buildings on the site and the construction of a pedestrian bridge.

The project is inspired by Dundee’s Nine Incorporated Trades and will introduce a new set of contemporary Guilds. These Guilds will be underpinned by the perspectives and skills needed for a regenerative future.

Guild Embassies – both physical and virtual - will be rooted in communities and enable activities that will be brought together and showcased at the main attraction.

The Eden Project is working in partnership with Dundee City Council, The Northwood Charitable Trust and the University of Dundee

The submission of the planning application will draw to an end the latest phase of development for Eden Project Dundee, which was made possible by a £7.6m commitment from the project partners.

For more information and to register for community meetings as they become available, see