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Sir David Attenborough, E.O. Wilson and Sir Tim Smit come together for landmark biodiversity discussion

Three key players in the fight to preserve biodiversity joined together yesterday (Friday) for an inspiring event as part of Half-Earth Day.


Sir David Attenborough and Sir Tim Smit


Broadcaster Sir David Attenborough and biologist E.O. Wilson engaged in a powerful conversation hosted by Sir Tim Smit at the Royal Geographical Society in London, taking place as the world gears up for COP26 in Glasgow.

The event, entitled How to Save the Natural World, was a collaboration between the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and the Eden Project and was streamed live for free around the world.

Speaking remotely during the event, Professor Wilson said: “A few lifetimes from now, and then on for centuries to follow, humanity is going to be asking what did we think we were doing? Didn’t we realise the damage we are now causing by stripping the planet of our own most precious natural heritage?”

On stage, Sir David said: “We don’t have decades. We have to take action right now and we have to persuade people all over the world to do things in their private lives and change their lives if we're to solve these problems.”

Immediately following the event, Sir Tim paid tribute to Sir David and Professor Wilson. He said: “It felt very special. The conversation had a kind of friction to it but also great respect between two giants of our generation, both of whom will be remembered long after we are gone.”

An edited film of the conversation including exclusive extra content will premiere as part of the Eden Project’s Festival of Discovery and be available to watch for free online.

The Festival of Discovery is a virtual festival curated by the Eden Project Communities team, who are also responsible for the UK’s annual community celebration The Big Lunch that saw over 9 million people take part in 2021 and next year from 2-5 June 2022 is an official part of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The festival is an exciting journey to explore a better future together for our planet and will take place between November 11 and 13.

The jam-packed programme will celebrate life itself and will see speakers debating ideas for a more sustainable future and sharing top tips and activities people can do at home.

The exciting lineup includes comedian John Bishop, author and broadcaster Alastair Campbell, actor Ben Miller and fashion designer Wayne Hemingway.

For more information on Eden’s Festival of Discovery see