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Child interacting with a sculpture at Eden

Our mission: arts and culture

Creativity and culture are core to Eden’s DNA. Great art provokes a response; it speaks to the emotions. To develop a vision for a planet fit for the future, we need fresh stories and new ways of engaging audiences. 

Eden is a world-class cultural venue. We believe that artists can challenge received wisdom to provoke, captivate and inspire. We create opportunities for artists to collaborate with scientists and others, to engage with and reflect upon topics of social and environmental importance. A vital part of our combined arts strategy is to explore, play, test and create interventions with emerging and established artists, road-tested by our visitors – a 'living laboratory' where art is a provocation, stimulating connection, action and hope. 


Mission: Arts and Culture ambient video

Jo quote

Dr Jo Elworthy, Director of Interpretation

“ Mere facts won’t persuade people to get involved in fighting climate change or confronting societal upheaval. ”

Dr Jo Elworthy on arts and culture at Eden

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