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The change maker

Eden employee Charles Sainsbury

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Energy and Sustainability Manager Charles Sainsbury is the man who's responsible for seeing that Eden walks the talk. And he's seriously excited about the future... 

"I’m a passionate environmentalist who remains eternally optimistic that change is possible. So, working for an organisation that is committed to demonstrating bold and innovative solutions – and in a role responsible for driving this change across our teams and projects – feels like a privilege. 

What makes my job so enjoyable is the fact that it’s really varied. I get to interchange quickly between the technical and non-technical side of things, and also work with and learn from so many different people. One day I could be looking at options to electrify our car parks with renewable power or working with our Operations Teams to audit waste streams in the yard. The next I could be delivering talks to schools and colleges about our sustainability initiatives, with the Education Team, which is very rewarding.   


Solar panels on roof of Core building at Eden Project

“I remain eternally optimistic that change is possible.”

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No two days are the same. I’m from a property and construction background so, if you asked me 10 years ago, I never thought I’d be working with our horticultural scientists on how to optimise the metabolic rate of our plants to save energy in our Biomes!

My most memorable moment so far has been witnessing Eden Geothermal come to life – we began drilling the first well in May 2021. It will be a game changer for Eden and pave the way for a new renewables industry in the UK. 

With so many exciting plans in the pipeline both here in Cornwall and further afield with our New Edens, I think we have all the building blocks to develop a blueprint for regenerative business, whereby we actively do more good, not just less harm. Our ambition is to operate sites which deliver net positive outcomes and become demonstrators of truly sustainable and circular systems, inspiring our visitors in an educational and fun way. It doesn’t get more powerful than that!" 

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