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Co-founder of Eden Sir Tim Smit with Steve Malkin CEO of Planet First holding a certificate

Planet Mark sustainability certification

We are proud partners of Planet Mark, a sustainability certification helping organisations measure and reduce their carbon emissions and enhance their contributions to society.


About Planet Mark

Planet Mark logo

Planet Mark is a sustainability certification which recognises continuous improvements, encourages action, and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals.

In 2012, Steve Malkin, CEO and founder of Planet Mark, was introduced to Sir Tim Smit KBE, co-founder of the Eden Project. They realised that they shared a common belief that a connection with nature can enable all people to contribute to a thriving planet. Together, they created a truly effective, people-driven sustainability programme for any organisation of any size, in any sector, anywhere in the world.

Tim Smit, co-founder of Eden

Sir Tim Smit

“ Businesses that achieve the Planet Mark develop an operations culture based on the ‘triple bottom line’, and contribute to sustainability education. ”

How it works

Holders of the Planet Mark are required to measure and reduce their annual carbon emissions associated with business operations by a minimum of 2.5% every year. This process helps them understand and optimise the carbon associated with their energy, travel, water, waste, and procurement. 

Each year the new carbon footprint becomes the next year’s baseline, thus driving continuous improvement and helping generate outstanding results.

Delivered through an employee-led approach, the programme helps unlock the passion in your business and builds an intrinsic culture of sustainability from within. It makes communicating your progress and achievements genuine and trusted, which helps your people buy your programme and your brand. 

On average, Planet Mark certified businesses make a 12% cut in absolute carbon emissions per year, 16% carbon saving per employee per year through reductions in energy, waste, water, travel and procurement. 99% of members achieve their targets in order to renew their certification year-on-year.

The Eden Project has been a close partner of Planet Mark since its launch in 2012. As we help build connections with each other and the living world, exploring how we can work towards a better future. An investment is made to the Eden Trust each time a company signs ups to Planet Mark.

Eden’s own Planet Mark certification

We’ve achieved the Planet Mark ourselves, after undertaking an environmental performance audit across all of our operations to measure carbon, energy, water and waste use.

Find out more about Planet Mark.