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Rainforest leaves being watered in the Rainforet Biome at the Eden Project

Our mission: plants and nature

Plants are our lifeblood. They provide us with food, fuels, medicines, materials, the very air we breathe and colour the fabric of our lives. Plants and nature provide the world’s life support system: fresh air, clean water, fertile soil, nutritious food, a stable climate and health and wellbeing.

That's why the Eden Project celebrates plants and the natural world, reconnects people with them and works to regenerate damaged landscapes.

Mission: Plants and Nature ambient video

tim quote

Sir Tim Smit

“ At Eden there was a big story to be told: of the plants that changed the world and of our total dependence on, and connection to, the natural environment. ”


Twenty years ago, Eden Cornwall was a sterile pit; today it is a living landscape full of life.

Working with partners globally and locally, our growing projects use innovative technologies, collaborative ideas and systems thinking to conserve and regenerate landscapes and ensure they are sustainable through a combination of creative, environmental and social approaches.

Our health depends on the health of the natural world – everything is interconnected. 

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Butterfly image credit: Aah-Yeah