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Costa Rica beach

Costa Rica partnership

We've partnered with the Costa Rica Tourism Board to promote this beautifully biodiverse country, which has become a leader in conservation and ecotourism.

In Costa Rica you can find your sanctuary – a home away from home – from immersing yourself in nature and boosting your wellbeing to exploring the culture and adventuring through this rich and diverse land. You can get a taste of this sense of sanctuary right here at the Eden Project in the new Eco Lodge exhibit in our Rainforest Biome.

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Signage for our Eco Lodge Exhibit in our Rainforest Biome

New to our Rainforest Biome

We’ve worked with our partners, the Costa Rica Tourism Board, to create an Eco Lodge exhibit, creating a Costa Rican sanctuary within the Eden Project. The lodge is situated deep within the Rainforest Biome, close to the waterfall, and brings to life Costa Rica’s commitment to eco-tourism, acting as a showcase of its sustainability credentials. A simple, relaxed ‘lodge’ style building has been created, using natural materials to fit with the tropical backdrop. Vibrant tropical planting, including Heliconia, Brugmansia and Anthurium will invite visitors to discover more.

The exhibit tells the story of Costa Rica’s eco and biodiversity themes, complemented by Eden’s own continuing work with the Matambú Forest Reserve, as part of Costa Rica’s reforestation programme. Eden’s ambitious plan is to continue the regeneration of this forest, and expand it further to encourage the return of wildlife (including jaguars and tapirs), working with local communities to create a region which is sustainable both environmentally and economically.

Encouraging sustainable tourism to help spread the message of regeneration around the world is a vital part of this vision.

Costa Rica beach

Looking for the perfect eco friendly holiday to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a beautifully biodiverse country, which has become a leader in conservation and ecotourism.

Discover some of the most sustainable tour operators in Costa Rica, so you can make sure that your trip is as good as it possibly can be, and benefits you as well as the local community.

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Global leader in conservation

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Over the past 30 years Costa Rica has acted as a pioneer in the protection and regeneration of its natural resources, and has demonstrated that it is possible to reverse ecological loss to the benefit of its people.

The protection of Costa Rica’s wildlife and diverse natural environment is at the heart of the country’s pioneering model for sustainable tourism.

Biodiversity hotspot

More than 5000 miles away from the Eden Project, this vibrant and lush country looks after and protects 6.5% of the world’s biodiversity. Costa Rica is about five times smaller than the whole of the UK, and is leading the way in creating a sustainable future for its inhabitants and the world.

Its incredible landscape made up of volcanoes, national parks, cloud and rainforests and long stretches of beaches, plus its twin tropical climates of the Caribbean and Pacific, mean that it’s a popular destination for tourists and wildlife. Did you know that five million birds migrate to Costa Rica every year?

A huge 26% of all of Costa Rica is protected. And the people of Costa Rica (‘Ticos’) are working together to ensure that it stays that way. Visitors from around the world are invited to experience the amazing biodiversity in Costa Rica, and once they’ve seen the colourful toucan, or the happy sloths and even the cheeky capuchin monkey, they also understand the importance of protecting the fragile world around them.

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Matambu reserve sign

Eden Project Costa Rica

Find out about our ambitious plan to restore a thriving "biological corridor" of dry tropical forest while supporting local communities on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.