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Nature Connections – activities for better health and wellbeing

Connect with nature and other people, improve your health and wellbeing and learn in group activities at the Eden Project. 

The activities we offer



“ There was never any pressure, it was just a place to come and 'be' in a beautiful garden, to learn new skills, ease back into social interactions and grow in confidence. ”

Wonder Workshops at Eden

Why connect with nature?

Being in green spaces positively impacts on our physiology. When we spend time in nature, our stress levels decrease, we feel calmer and our creativity and productivity are boosted. People who regularly access green spaces have better health and wellbeing. These wellbeing benefits are enhanced when people feel related to or a part of nature. People who have a relationship with nature are more likely to care for it and take part in pro-environmental behaviours. Nature is good for us and we can do good for nature.  

Daffodils in Outdoor Gardens at Eden Project

Why the Eden Project?

The Eden Project’s iconic gardens and estate in Cornwall are a symbol that transformation is possible, and offer a powerful message about personal and planetary health. They showcase a diversity of plants and environments which tell stories of global connections and natural processes of renewal, adaption and resilience. They grow and change throughout the seasons, so there’s always something new to see and experience.

Lady pruning plants in garden

About our programmes

Our Nature Connections programme has been developed to deliver group activities in our safe, inspiring site, with therapeutic places and practices, skilled facilitators and supportive volunteers. Joining a group will give you a positive experience of visiting a green space and nature-based activities which support better health, wellbeing, learning and development.  There are a range of activities for every stage of life – from babies and toddlers with their parents or grandparents, to young people, adults and older people.    

Why we offer activities for better health and wellbeing

At the Eden Project, we believe in the power of bringing people together to connect with nature and others, doing activities, developing skills and building relationships to lead happier, healthier and more sustainable lives for the benefit of all.

We’re an educational charity who have been delivering activities to support the health of our community members since 2005, when we were selected as a venue to host a weekly walk for people with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Since then, our programme has grown to include therapeutic horticulture, creative and arts-based practices, walks and trails, physical activities, learning opportunities, and activities for under-5s. 

Social prescribing at the Eden Project

Since 2016 we’ve been working closely with local GPs and health practitioners through social prescribing. Social prescribing is about ensuring that people have access to a range of beneficial activities and a network of support to help them manage their health and wellbeing, so they can discover and choose what works for them, and are supported in making healthy lifestyle choices. It recognises the important role that communities, voluntary organisations and charities play and how having ways to help and support yourself can empower individuals.  

All of our activities are open to social prescribing referrals. We also have our own social prescriber who can help support people and find more opportunities. We accept referrals from other professionals who are looking for next steps to support their clients and know that there are community groups who offer support to individuals, so are open to community referrals.

If you are a social prescriber, professional referrer or community referrer, please contact or call 01726 818550 for more information and to receive our professional referral form.

Programme supporters

Nature Connection is supported by the Pears Foundation

We are working in partnership with St Austell Healthcare and Carrick Health to provide our diabetes and cardiac walking groups. 

Our therapeutic horticulture is funded by the Community Partnership Grant, which is funded by NHS Charities Together Community Partnership Grant and delivered in partnership with Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity. We also receive funding from the Defence Garden Scheme.

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In partnership with Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity
Supported by NHS Charities Together

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