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CGI impression of Eden Project Dundee

Eden Project Dundee, UK

Eden Project Dundee will be a transformative project for the Scottish city, drawing on its rich history and playing an important role in the regeneration of the Dundee waterfront.


Eden's home in Scotland

Map of UK with pin marking Dundee

Eden Project Dundee will draw on the history of the city’s Nine Incorporated Trades and is themed around nine new “Guilds” – of Healers, Growers, Navigators, Myth-Makers, Noticers, Alchemists, Celebrators, Menders and “Re-Sourcerors”.

Each Guild will have its Guild Hall on the main Eden Project Dundee site with opportunities for “embassies” elsewhere in the city.

These Guild Halls will form the central experience spaces for Eden Project Dundee visitors and will include areas such as the Lookout, which celebrates connections between people and the natural world, the Lush Bunker, a high-tech zone showcasing new ways to grow plants and featuring hyper-real journeys into the air, soil and water, and the Seam, a collection of emotional, story-driven experiences related to mining and its alternatives.

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon

“The plans and illustrations for the preferred site look nothing short of stunning.”

Site of the former Dundee Gasworks

Site of the former Dundee Gasworks

Following a six-month "pollination" process at the beginning of the Eden Project Dundee journey, the site of former Dundee Gasworks was identified as the preferred home of the project.

In May 2021, a memorandum of understanding between the Eden Project and the owners of the site - energy companies National Grid and SGN - was signed to begin the process of exploring the practicalities of converting the post-industrial site on the city's East Dock Street into Eden's home in Scotland.

The site is set back from the Dundee waterfront on the bank of the River Tay. It has good public transport links, the potential for a new pedestrian connection to the city centre and is less than a mile away from V&A Dundee and the train station.

The existing tall brick walls on the site suggested to the Eden team the potential to create walled gardens, making for a striking contrast to the industrial heritage of the Gasworks. Eden envisages this as a powerful symbol of regeneration, echoing the project’s home in Cornwall which is located in a former clay quarry.

The Eden effect

Eden predicts that the project will create 200 jobs (with an additional 300 indirectly created) and contribute £27m per year to the regional economy.

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