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Electric scooter

Scooter safety guide

Our mobility scooters are perfect for anyone who requires more assistance getting around. We have six scooters (subject to operational availability) which are available to book in advance. 

The day-hire cost is £20, which goes towards the provision of this service, and this fee is non-refundable. You will still require a valid form of Eden admission for your visit.

On the day of your visit

When you arrive, we will need to complete some paperwork with you, as well as teach you how to use the scooter and make sure you are comfortable before you set off. To save time, and to ensure we can get you exploring Eden as quickly and safely as possible, please watch the video and carefully review the health and safety information below ahead of your visit.

How to use our electric mobility scooters

Scooter safety information

A maximum weight restriction of 31.5 stone (441 pounds/200kg) applies – this is set by the manufacturer. You may also carry up to 20kg in baggage.

The scooter will be issued to you alone and during the period of use is your responsibility. It must not be used or controlled by anyone who has not currently been authorised to use it. 

  1. Make sure the scooter is switched off when stationary for any length of time. Please do not use a mobile phone when the scooter is switched on.
  2. Make sure the key switch is off, and remove the key before getting on and off the scooter.
  3. Make sure that you are comfortable and that you are able to operate the scooter with ease and in a safe manner.
  4. Keep your speed to a level that is safe for yourself, safe for other members of the public and safe for the environment. Use the speed control to set a suitable maximum speed for the current pathway conditions.
  5. Make sure other visitors are aware of your presence.
  6. The scooter must only be used on pathways or hard surfaces. It is not suitable for use on grass or other soft areas, kerbs or steps (3”/7.62cm or greater in height).
  7. The scooter is not recommended for use on some of the inclines in the Outdoor Gardens. You will be given a map indicating which areas are inadvisable to take the scooter. The scooter is capable of slopes of up to 25 degrees (1” rise over 4” distance).
  8. Do not drive across, stop on, or back the scooter down an incline. 
  9. When starting on an uphill incline, the scooter may roll slightly in reverse before it goes forwards. Do lean forwards in the seat: this keeps the center of gravity forwards preventing the scooter from tipping over backward.
  10. Do not overload the scooter. It should not be used as a general carry all for items of luggage belonging to you or other members of your party.
  11. Do not carry any other individual on the scooter with you, particularly children and babies.
  12. Ensure all clothing is kept away from moving parts.
  13. Do not operate the scooter after consuming alcohol.
  14. If you have any problems with the scooter or your ability to use it correctly then stop, turn off the scooter and ask a member of staff or the public to obtain help. There is a telephone number on the side of the controller should you need to call for assistance.

Please make sure you check-in at our Visitor Centre by 1pm to collect your scooter. If you do not collect your scooter by 1pm on the day of your booking and you do not contact our Box Office Team to advise of late arrival we reserve the right to issue the scooter to another guest.

Before renting a scooter you will be asked to sign paperwork agreeing:

  • The Eden Project Ltd will not be liable for any personal damage or injury
  • That if you suffer any damage or injury as a result of, or in the course of using the equipment, whether or not the injury or damage is caused or contributed to by any negligence on the part of the Eden Project Ltd, you will release the Eden Project Ltd from any liability to you 
  • That if any other person or entity suffers injury or damage as a result of, or in the course of your use of the equipment, whether or not the injury or damage is caused or contributed to by any negligence on the part of the Eden Project Ltd, you will indemnify the Eden Project Ltd against any resultant liability  

Contact us

For more information, please get in touch directly with the Eden Team by emailing or calling us on 01726 811911.