A provisional booking will only be held for two weeks and if unconfirmed it will be released without notice. 

All prices are correct at the time of quoting, and are subject to change without notice.  All prices agreed on a confirmed booking with a deposit paid will be honoured.

No dates may be confirmed without a signed booking form and a full, non-refundable deposit of 25% of the estimated cost of the event. A further 50% will be required 10 days before the event and the remaining 25% seven days after the event. This may be paid by credit card, cheque made payable to 'Eden Project Limited', or by electronic transfer.

Should you wish to change the date of your event, it will be at the discretion of the Events and Hospitality Manager.

Changes of event

Any amendments to the original booking will be agreed in writing with Eden and the client.

All events should have an authorised person present to liaise with the Eden team should extra items need to be approved for the final bill.

Eden has a range of menus available and will offer these to the client. Once selected this cannot be amended by individual delegates. Special dietary requirements can always be catered for; however, this must be requested by the client in advance.

Should your event cause for Eden to engage external contractors to provide a service or product Eden will always pass the cost of this on. Eden will endeavour to keep this cost as initially quoted; however, any increases imposed by an outside party will be passed on to the client.

Confirmed numbers

Eden will submit all quotations and the booking form based on the estimated number of persons who will attend the event. The client will notify Eden if the number of guests varies by more than 15% before four weeks prior to the event and Eden will amend the quotation and resend to the client.

Final numbers are required by 5pm 10 working days before the event. Any increase on this number will be accommodated to the best of our ability.  Should numbers go down after this point the client will still be charged for the agreed amount.

Site access

It is important that confirmation of the way in and out of the site and which car parks to use, outside visiting hours, is received from Eden prior to issuing invitations and instructions to delegates and guests. Unfortunately, vehicles will not be able to stay on site overnight following your event. 

Disability access

Eden aims to make its site as accessible as possible and is working to maximise access for all.  A park and ride bus service, buggy service and the land train is available to aid movement around the site.  Volunteer assistance and wheel chair hire can be requested in advance of your event.

Clothing and footwear

Eden is a large site, walkways are all accessible and pleasant to walk along, however we would suggest comfortable shoes to make the most of the Eden experience.

The Humid Tropics Biome has an average temperature of 28 degrees centigrade, the pathways follow gradual gradients.

It is not advisable to spend longer than 45 minutes in here at any one time and we would suggest wearing layers of clothing that can be removed as needed.


All corporate arrangements must be sourced through Eden.  No Eden vases or equipment is to be removed from the venue.  Brides bringing bouquets etc onto site must liaise with Eden before the event.

Power supply

For additional electrically powered equipment used for events, we will need to know the amperage and voltage required.

Health and safety

The Client must comply with all EPL Health & Safety regulations which may be inspected on request.  The Client shall notify EPL immediately on becoming aware of any accident or injury occurring at the venue.  Any electrical equipment brought into the venue must have a current PAT certificate which must be presented on the day.  Any equipment brought in by contractors arranged by the client must have current risk assessments and Public Liability Insurance.

Damage/insurance cover

The Client will be responsible for any loss or damage to Eden property which is attributed to a member or members of the party.  Therefore you will be required to provide proof of suitable insurance (where applicable) to cover cost of repair to Eden Project buildings, grounds and property in the event of damage being caused by you, your guests or contractors over and above the general everyday usage of Eden covered by the companies Public Liability Insurance. The policy should also provide cover for personal injury and third party liability.  Further information on this is available from Eden on request.

Licences (all areas)

Eden holds a Premises Licence under the Licensing Act 2003 that covers all licensable activities.


Professional photographers must contact the Media Department for permission to photograph/film on the premises.

The Eden Logo and photographic images must NOT be used without prior written permission from Eden.

The Eden Project will not advertise any external events onsite or on

The media office at Eden must be notified of any events/functions likely to have press or media involvement.


Please be advised that no signage is to be displayed by the Client within the public domain without prior approval of Eden.  All signage and displays within the venue booked must be displayed without causing any damage to Eden Property, and must be removed by the client after the event.

The Foundation Building

Please note that rooms within the Foundation Building (Training Rooms & Seminar Room) are not within the main public areas of the site and do not provide views over the Biomes.  Please bear in mind that it is a working building if you decide to book these rooms.

Eden Deli

Please be aware that this venue is available out of opening hours only and that the hire does not include access to the rest of the building on site, unless otherwise agreed.

The Core Classrooms

Please be advised that these rooms are primarily NOT available in term time, however if a booking is made for one of these rooms others may be in use for schools groups.

Public access

Eden is open to the public from 9am to 6pm in the summer and 10am to 4.30pm in the winter, with late night opening during selected periods.  Eden retains the right to refuse aspects of your event if they clash with the day visitor experience, therefore please check all aspects of your booking with Eden from the start of your enquiry.

Site entrance

Admission to Eden will be charged for all delegates in addition to room hire and catering at a reduced rate to general admission, this must be booked by the client and paid for through the invoice.  All clients must produce a guest list in advance to allow their delegates into Eden on this offer.


If this contract should be terminated or cancelled, the following terms apply:

  1. The client should notify the conference and banqueting department in writing at any date prior to the date of the function
  2. Eden will endeavour to resell the function space and to obtain an equal profit margin.  In the event that the function space is resold, the client will reimburse the venue for any shortfall in profit as a result of the cancellation.  If the function space is not resold, the client will pay the venue the following amounts:

Over 90 days prior to date of event: No additional charge other than deposit retained
30 – 89 days prior to the date of the event: 10% of total anticipated costs
29 – 7 days prior to the date of the event: 50% of total anticipated costs
Within less than 7 days: 90% of total anticipated costs

Payment of accounts

Invoices for all events will be sent out on the Monday following your event, payment is then due within 10 days.  All payments should be sent to Rebecca Le Boulanger..


By signing and returning your booking form to us you will be acknowledging and accepting these terms and conditions.