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A wildflower meadow with yellow, purple, white and red flowers in bloom

Foresight Group partnership

We have partnered with Foresight Group, a sustainability led alternative assets and SME investment manager whose investment strategies contribute to a resilient decarbonised world, creating high quality sustainable jobs to power tomorrow’s economy. Through this partnership we will highlight the role businesses have to play in combating the nature and climate crises.


Bee on flowers

Planetary emergency

We are facing a biodiversity and climate crisis. According to the State of Finance for Nature report, a total investment of 8.1 trillion US Dollars is required between now and 2050 to successfully tackle the interlinked crises. 

No one organisation, no one sector can do this alone. We need to work collaboratively to combine our skills and ideas to shape what the path to a nature rich future will look like.

Foresight quote

Lily Crompton, Group Sustainability Lead at Foresight

“By partnering with the Eden Project we plan to demonstrate and give visibility to the role of business in facilitating nature recovery. Together we will create and restore diverse, wildlife-rich and better-connected habitats.”

Giant bee sat on a grassy bed with biomes in the background

What we'll be doing

We will work with Foresight to move from commitment to action. The partnership will focus on three key areas to begin with:

Define - define how a business like Foresight can respond to nature recovery.

Demonstrate - demonstrate tangible positive outcomes for nature through Foresight's portfolio of assets and engagement with communities and create a blueprint for other businesses to contribute to nature recovery efforts.

Engage - work with Foresight to engage with their stakeholders, internally and externally, on nature recovery and what we can collectively do to act.

Eden quote

Juliet Rose, Development Manager at Eden Project

“The UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world and we have a huge challenge ahead of us to recover from that. We need to work in partnership together to overcome these challenges and bring back the nature that the UK can support.”

A field full of blue and yellow wildflowers

National Wildflower Centre

The National Wildflower Centre at the Eden Project will work with Foresight to create a national wildflower seed bank for Foresight’s assets. We will look to take wildflowers from existing solar, wind and forestry sites, propagate those seeds and then put them back into the site again. This will increase the the biodiversity of those particular areas, creating a new unique asset for Foresight Group. We hope to create a blueprint that can be rolled out to similar businesses to help improve the biodiversity of their assets.