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Eden horticulturalist in a field of wildflowers

National Wildflower Centre

Part of the Eden Project, the National Wildflower Centre (NWC) uses wildflowers to bring biodiversity, delight and colour into the lives of communities across the UK.  

From hedges, fields, and woodlands to roundabouts, housing estates, churchyards and cemeteries, we want everyone to experience the glory of wildflowers.  

Our projects combine conservation, creativity and colour to make new wildflower habitats that support wildlife and connect people to the natural world. 

Why we need more wildflower habitats

Did you know?

The UK has lost 97% of its wildflower habitats since WWII.

Wildflowers were once a significant part of the British landscape until WWII when huge amounts of meadow were ploughed for arable farming. Today, they account for less than 1% of the British countryside.  


  • connect people with the natural world  
  • transform underused spaces into vibrant living landscapes 
  • help pollinators that are currently under threat  
  • contribute to pride of place 
  • show your community is actively doing its bit to increase biodiversity 
  • provide opportunities to learn about nature and biodiversity.

Wildflower projects nationwide

National Wildflower Centre logo

Creative conservation is at the heart of the National Wildflower Centre’s projects. We create new wildflower landscapes in partnership with communities, businesses, local and parish councils, and other NGOs, and run conservation projects that bring threatened species back from the brink.  

What we've achieved

Help wildflowers flourish  

We work with communities, local government, developers, landscapers and businesses to create new wildflower landscapes.  

Work with the National Wildflower Centre 

Consultancy services  

We offer a range of services including technical advice and guidance on ecological restoration and the creation of new wildflower landscapes, including site selection, soil fertility, seed mixes and provenance, and community engagement approaches.

We advise local government at all levels, from parishes that want to bring colour to their verges to cities that want to revitalise their parks. We work with other environmental organisations to cultivate and conserve species on the brink of extinction, and help developers, landscapers and others businesses bring biodiversity to their projects. Get in touch to find out more.  


From time to time, we need volunteers to help with our work such as seed collecting and seed cleaning. All of our volunteers are trained and supervised. If you are interested in volunteering with the National Wildflower Centre please get in touch.

Grow with us 

We’re on the lookout for donor sites where we can collect seed that’s already growing wild, and for landowners who can help us grow wildflowers for seed crop.  

We harvest by hand with trained and fully supervised volunteers and use a combine for single-species crops. 

If you have land that’s already growing patches of wildflowers that we can harvest for use in our habitat creation projects, or if you own fields that we could rent for cultivation please get in touch. See our species list to find out which plants we’re particularly interested in collecting. 

Get involved