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Craft Council: Craft School celebration event 2022

Crafts Council partnership: Craft School Material World

We've teamed up with Crafts Council who, from September 2023, are running a nationwide challenge for classrooms across the UK. The annual programme invites children, young people and their teachers to engage with the power of craft thinking and making.

Craft School: Material World invites learners to explore the natural and human-made materials around them and how they relate to their own heritage, community or the place where they live.


Bran Howell's quote

Bran Howell - Eden Project Education Specialist

“ The climate emergency urges us look at our demands on resources, to be more creative, careful and ingenious in finding ways to live in harmony with the natural world. Craft School: Material World invites to young people to create unique and beautiful objects by using everyday items and by the power of thinking sustainably, creatively and imaginatively. ”