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HotHouse: Women's leadership retreat

Join us on a HotHouse women's creative leadership retreat, a four-day guided journey to become a more authentic, courageous and effective leader and change-agent.

Facilitating the future now

HotHouse invites you to a women’s retreat crafted to evoke and cultivate the power of being a woman. This transformational experience is facilitated by an all-female team of local and international expertise.

Together we’ll guide you on a four-day journey into the natural world, aligning your inner wisdom and power with the purpose of becoming a courageous and authentic leader and change-agent.

This programme, set within the stunning landscapes of the Eden Project, provides a remarkable setting in which to connect deeply with yourself and nature. It is an unrivalled place to learn, from the treetop canopy of the vast indoor rainforest to the citrus groves of the Mediterranean – you’ll be immersed in a unique global venue.  

Quote 1

Rachel, Wellcome Collections

“An amazing experience. Way, way beyond any other leadership training I have done.”

You will experience

  • Transformation: Harnessing inner power for outer transformation by finding your authentic voice
  • Connection: By exploring the natural world at Eden, you will connect with your inner nature
  • Commonality: As womankind there is more that unites us than what separates us, encouraging us to recognise the power of being a woman, together

It is a place to share stories, to incubate ideas, to explore our relationship with each other and the natural world, and to ultimately inspire current and future leaders to do things (even if just a little bit) better.

Who is it for?

This leadership retreat has been carefully crafted for influential women who see themselves, or are seen by others, as leaders and change agents. It's for all those women who wish to harness their personal power to become more authentic, courageous, and effective within their communities, organisations, and spheres of influence. 

We expect this special programme to be very popular, so will assemble participants with rich stories to share from diverse backgrounds and a range of sectors. Diversity is welcomed, whether that be through race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and/or life experiences. Finding your unique style of leadership is key, with support to bring that more fully into the world


A women's leadership retreat group smiling in front of the Biomes


Participant, April 2022

“A leadership course like no other; inspirational, funny, uplifting, powerful. Take away thoughts and inspiration on inner leadership and our connection with nature to guide you gently through the very best your life can be.”

Meet the facilitators

Sue Milner

Sue Milner 

Sue is a practicing UKCP accredited psychotherapist based in Devon. She has a deep interest in issues of diversity, rank and power issues and how these manifest in the body as well as in the world and has worked in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. She is committed to ecological and social change, developing new models for sustainability with local community groups and is trained in an earth-based dance movement practice. Her passion is for authenticity, in relationship to each other as well as in connection to the natural world.

Pam Horton

Pam Horton

With a background in environmental education and conservation, and extensive experience designing and delivering the Eden Project's experiential learning programmes, Pam has a passion for helping people learn from nature. Having worked with everyone from schoolchildren to CEOs, she loves to explore new, innovative approaches to teaching and learning, and believes that engaging the head and the heart is key to motivating people to embrace change – whatever their age or walk of life!

June McGuire

June McGuire

With a background in risk and change management, June synthesises more than 25 years of operational and corporate experience within leading global organisations, with her work as counsellor, coach and catalyst for individual and social change. Her work with third sector organisations has included developing and piloting new community models for health and wellbeing, based on self-care, peer support and prevention with reference to new science and technology, as well as ancient wisdoms. June’s particular passions are developing resilience and resolving individual and collective trauma, promoting of personal and global peace.


Quote 3

Participant, Pukka Herbs

“An inspiring journey. This course doesn't tell you how to be a better leader, what it does goes deeper and beyond that.”

How to join us

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The dates for our next programmes are:

  • 17-21 April 2023
  • 9-13 October 2023

The cost is £1,950 plus VAT for individual participants*, which includes:

  • accommodation, food and materials
  • exclusive membership to the HotHouse Alumni
  • ongoing support and contact with Eden staff
  • a discount on further HotHouse programmes

To speak to the team, call us on 01726 818553 or get in touch via our enquiry form.

Practical information

Quote 2

Janelle, Culture Matters, Australia

“An incredible, inspiring and powerful journey. Far more than I could have imagined. I’ve learnt an enormous amount. A week that I will never forget and will continue to learn from for my whole journey through life.”

*Please talk to us about a discount on our standard rate for self-employed, NHS, and charity employees.

*Please talk to us about a discount on our standard rate for self-employed, NHS, and charity employees. 

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