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Taking inspiration from Eden founder Tim Smit, and other experts in the field of leadership, this programme takes you on an immersive learning journey through which you will gain clarity over purpose, explore uncertainty and complexity, and understand your personal agency in a rapidly changing world.

‘Life changing, transformational and utterly inspiring.’
Sarah Cook, Head of Tea, Pukka Herbs 

What sets HotHouse apart

  • Held over four days, this fully residential course will equip you with a suite of tools and ideas to help you unleash new possibilities and effect real change 
  • You’ll spend your time immersed in an environment of huge-scale, jaw-dropping beauty, going behind the scenes and under the skin of the Eden Project, described as one of the eighth wonders of the world.
  • You’ll meet inspiring leaders who will share their stories and help you understand how you can inspire others.
  • You’ll mix with people from a range of sectors who are all on a similar journey, giving you access to a living network of collaborators, experiences and insight.
  • What you won’t find are the usual tools and trappings of leadership courses: no flipcharts, no training rooms, no prescriptive workshops. Instead, you’ll find a container of ideas and practices rooted in experiential learning.

Who HotHouse is for

The Nature of Leadership programme is designed for emerging and developing leaders from across the public, private, and third sectors or anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding about their place in the world. 

Our alumni include people in leadership roles ranging from marketing, procurement and fundraising departments right through to CEOs in organisations as diverse as law firm Foot Anstey to herbal tea specialists Pukka. See what they say about the course.

We deliberately work with a variety of sectors, because we believe it’s important for you to meet unexpected people, hear fantastic stories, and share experiences and ideas together.

'I feel completely rejuvenated and clear about my purpose... What an amazing course.'

HotHouse delegate

Why the Eden Project?

We know from experience that Eden is a fantastic place in which to learn. Firstly, you’ll be immersed in the natural world, from which you can draw inspiration, take a pause from your hectic life, and explore what a great future might look like.

Secondly, Eden was built in one of the most degraded landscapes imaginable – a disused china clay pit – and is a symbol of transformation and a demonstration of what’s possible when a bunch of dreamers, optimists and pragmatists work together. People rarely come away from Eden without a little bit of this spirit in their veins!

'It’s really about finding your own place in terms of your role as a leader'

Damian Hebron – Head of Arts, NHS Cambridge 

How to join us

We run our leadership programmes throughout the year. The next Nature of Leadership courses take place on the following date:

  • 10–14 September 2018

Inspired to join us and unleash your creativity? To let us know or to find out more about the scheduled and the bespoke programmes:

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