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Found Words

Thank you for visiting Found Words, a collaboration between Bridge Schools and the Eden Project. This project started in lockdown and was inspired by the book ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris.

Introduction video


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Found Words encourages young people to go outside and create beautiful work inspired by the nature around them. Students combined research with creativity: language, images and sounds to describe why nature matters to them.

The results were so lovely we wanted to invite other pupils to have a go, so some of the original writers have become Eden Ambassadors, creating instructions and videos for others to follow.

Send your work to us and we will celebrate your creativity by:

  • using our networks to promote the project
  • displaying the work at the Eden Project and on Instagram:
  • holding a celebration event at Eden Project for participants.

Found Words isn’t a project about Climate change, but like most things, it also is - the Climate debate is full of tales of doom and long-term targets set by adults using inaccessible language - but young people know something serious is happening and are worried.

This project looks at what’s important to them, the wildlife that will be affected by the decisions the adults make: it’s a child’s eye view of what we are fighting for.

‘Found Words’ is, a young person’s answer to the adults' call, ‘Lost Words’.


Suitable for KS1 – 3

Found Words meets objectives in English, Science, Art or Music (we’d love to hear original compositions to accompany the poems).

There are also links to Eva John’s KS2 and KS3 resources in the PowerPoint.

If you have any questions please email: 

How to take part

  • Watch the Video and download the PowerPoint; choose the slides to suit you.
  • Run the activities and have fun.
  • Please involve pupils in picking your favourites. (We want beautiful, passionate and magical examples, not just the most perfect).
  • Upload your contributions to Instagram with the hashtag #foundwordseden
  • Identify pupils work with your school name (maybe your logo) and student first names. 
  • Important: this will be in the public realm, please follow your own GDPR rules.
  • Please email us on so we can stay in touch.

We would like to thank Trythall Community School for their help and support during this process.