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A handmade small beach hut with barbie and ken sitting under the shelter

Lesson plan: Den Designers

A practical activity during which primary school pupils make mini-shelters from natural materials. 

Activity details

In this fun, hands-on activity, children use team work, communication skills and lots of creativity and imagination to build mini-shelters from outdoor materials.

Objctives and curriculum links

This lesson enables pupils to:

  • work in teams to create, present and peer review mini-dens
  • practise teamwork, cooperation and communication skills
  • enjoy being and working outside

We've designed the lesson to help teachers cover the following subject areas:

KS2 Design and Technology


You need the following equipment to do this activity:

  • natural material such as twigs, stones and leaves, found in school grounds
  • earth materials such as clay or mud (optional)
  • small toy figures such as a Barbie doll or Action Man


Lesson plan

Experience Eden with your class