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A piece of card in a hand with lots of different coloured flower leaves stuck to the card

Lesson plan: Nature's Colours

This simple outdoor activity for primary school children, which sees them collecting coloured items from outside, can be extended to cover everything from science to literacy.

Activity details

There are some outdoor learning activities that we just love. They can be standalones that get repeated with different groups or at different times of year, or starting points for learning that leap off into many different directions. Colour palettes are a particular favourite – try the activity in its purest form, or have a go at some of our alternatives/extensions.


You need the following equipment to do the basic colour palette activity:

  • thin white card
  • double-sided sticky tape


Colour palettes - the classic

Each child will need a small, sticky collecting palette. Thin card and double-sided sticky tape will do the trick. The task is for the children to collect as wide a range of natural colours as they can find in a given area, sticking tiny bits of each colour to the palette. 

By using close observation the children will be able to find a surprising amount of colour – even in unpromising locations or at duller times of the year. Encourage them to look at the edges of things, under things and round the back. You can have useful conversations about natural and unnatural objects, and about limiting damage to plants by collecting only tiny bits.

Optional extensions

Experience Eden with your class