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A close up of a big cauldron that has been used to mix a positive potion with fresh ingredients from nature

Lesson plan: Positive Potions

This lesson plan gets pupils making ‘magic potions’ from materials found outdoors – builds on literacy skills and is ideal for Valentine's Day or Halloween.

Activity details

Making potions or smelly cocktails is a classic outdoor learning activity. We’ve added some linked literacy activities and given it a seasonal twist for Valentine’s Day – although you could tweak this for any season.

Objectives and curriculum links

This lesson enables students to:

  • consider other’s feelings by deciding what gift or wish would be appropriate for someone close to them
  • use their senses in unusual ways; close observation and lots of smelling!
  • use language creatively to describe their potion and create magical instructions

We've designed the lesson to help teachers cover parts of the KS2 English Curriculum.

Resources & downloads

Lesson plan

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