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A young girl is looking over a wooden fence at a group of plants and is filling in a sheet of paper on a clipboard

School Workshop: Darwin’s Doodles – An Amazonian Odyssey

In this workshop pupils join Charles Darwin on his voyage to South America, learning about the theory of evolution.


Workshop overview

Your class joins Charles Darwin on his voyage to South America. On the way they must hone their scientific skills and knowledge of classification, adaption and interdependence. Can they help Darwin to make sense of the complexity of life in this unfamiliar land and formulate the most ground breaking idea of all; evolution?

What happens in the workshop

Your students are invited to join Charles Darwin on the trip of a lifetime and become part of his odyssey to the South American Rainforest! After the scene is set the children play an interactive game in which they identify and explain some common plant adaptations to life in the rainforest.

Your pupils then venture deep into the Rainforest Biome to search for and record living examples of these plant adaptations. They are also tasked with locating and identifying specific plants that possess unusual adaptations or that have developed symbiotic relationships with other rainforest organisms. Back in the classroom the children explain these adaptations and finally play the innovative ‘Evolution Game’ to help them to see how adaptation leads to evolution.

For this workshop please ensure your group is divided into teams, each with an adult helper.

Visiting teacher

Visiting teacher

“ It was a perfect opportunity for our students to learn outside the classroom. ”

Practical information

Unforgettable school trips

Accredited workshops at Eden

This workshop is accredited under the British Science Association’s CREST Awards scheme. Completion of the workshop enables the student to gain one sticker towards the SuperStar Award.


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