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Eden teaching facilitator with pupils in the Rainforest Biome

School Workshop: Rainforest Uncovered

This workshop challenges your Year 5 and 6 pupils to go on an expedition, make contact with a hidden rainforest tribe and unlock the secrets to their survival.

You may also be interested in the online version of this session, delivered live to your school by our team.

Workshop overview

What happens in the workshop

Your pupils are members of a research team who have been sent to locate the Kombai tribe in Papua and learn how they live. The pupils first prepare for their expedition by considering what kit they would need.

Upon making contact with the Kombai they are divided into ‘tribes’ each with their own unique tribal symbol and face paints. Accompanied by their teachers the tribes journey into the rainforest and identify how to use the rainforest and its plants for food, shelter, water and health.

On return to the classroom each tribe has the responsibility of using their artefacts box to teach the rest of the group some of their secrets to survival.

A visiting teacher

Visiting teacher

“An engaging workshop linked to learning across the curriculum. Children were fascinated and excited by the tasks.  ”

Practical information

A sneak preview of the Rainforest with Maddie

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